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This month's G2G magazine and Pawsitively Posh article!!!

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  • This month's G2G magazine and Pawsitively Posh article!!!

    Just wanted to mention that Todd has a very nice article for Audrey in the front of this month's issue, and Audrey's Pawsitively Posh article has a very special feature this month. A few weeks ago, Angela Kumpe (I believe that is who started the post) posted that Amy Brown had been diagnosed with cancer and really needed our help- this is Amy's salon and spa featured in this month's issue! I am so happy and proud of you, Amy! I hope you know how much we are all pulling for you! Your salon is just beautiful,, and that tiled bathing area is stunning!!!
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    is Amy called Bullet on another forumn? i always liked her, i recognize the tubs, she is absolutely amazing!


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      That was a very touching article that Todd wrote about Audrey. It made me even sadder that I didn't make it to the show this year to see her speak
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        Yep, that's our Bullet

        Yes, that is the very same Amy/Bullet. I just spoke with her today. Where is the article on Audrey? I didn't see that.


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          Doggystyles, it's the editorial.
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            Ohhhhhh. Ok, I didn't read that. Thank you.

            I told Amy you were talking about the article. She doesn't have a membership here and asked me to thank you all for your wishes on her behalf. She truly appreciates all the support you have given her.