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  • Curious about education


    I'm a U of Washington student right now, and I groom full-time. Even thought I'm almost done with my Bachelor's degree (interdisciplinary arts/sciences- basically a general degree) I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I ended up grooming because with the economy, I couldn't find anything else (and I had experience working in a few shops and showing dogs).

    Every time someone talks to me about school or careers, they're always like "oh, but you're not going to groom dogs forever are yooooooou?????" Like having a bachelor's degree makes me too cool to groom. It really kind of gets me down/ticks me off because I'm actually really enjoying grooming. Truth is, I don't know what I'm gonna do, but after grooming (and knowing how difficult of a job it is) it really makes me mad that people don't appreciate the job.

    I'm just curious if you guys get that from people, and what you say? I'm also curious what degrees or education you all have? (related to animals or not)

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    Screw that. I just got laid off from a six figure income job and trying like mad to get my finances down to where I can take the pay cut that a start up mobile is going to hit me with.

    As I tell my kids; Don't ever choose your career based on the pay. You will be spending the majority of your life on the job. You damned well better enjoy what you do. Forget the money. It will never....I'm sayin' it again.....It will never bring you the satisfaction that comes with a job that you are passionate about.


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      I'm graduating in December with a BFA (Bachelors Fine Arts) in Theatre. I want to work to train dogs for film one day. I love grooming- its an awesome way to do what I love, and get paid for it (to at least help pay off my student loans)


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        I have a bachelors degree is social work. I'd rather groom. Plus, I make as much or more money grooming then I do in Social Work (depending on the job).

        Do what makes you happy. Your degree, being very general, will likely bring in no more income than grooming does. Do what makes you happy, that is what matters.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          I have a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a Bachelor of Laws. I make a lot of money grooming AND I have a life. When I worked as a lawyer I made a lot more money but had NO life.


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            After changing my major too many times to count, I quit school when I finally realized that I really just wanted to groom dogs and the only reason I was still in school was that I was waiting for my grooming to become profitable. My major at that time was elementary education and I also realized that as a groomer I would make as much as a teacher (benefits ended up being another story altogether, though!). At that time I had almost enough credit hours for a Bachelor's degree, but needed a major, so it still would have taken me a couple years to finish. (Yep, I "just needed a major to finish . . ." )

            I did get an associate degree in graphic design with a double major (print and web) a couple years ago. That was the first career change I tried that kept me interested enough to not want to go back to grooming, yet here I am, back to wanting to groom again.

            I agree, it doesn't matter how much $$$ you make. What is important is that you find a career that you are passionate about.


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              Yes, groomers are generally underappreciated!!

              Haha, I was going to be a psychologist and decided I did NOT like being in an office environment and sitting all day and handling paperwork! Love psychology, but was crazy about dogs!

              And yes, many people "look down" on groomers/grooming. But many DO appreciate it. For those that don't, I remind them that we are doing FAR more than a hairdresser AND it takes a lot more time than a haircut!

              If that doesn't work and I find them rude/obnoxious/ and wanting to hang on to some type of unnecessary superior attitude, then I am not the groomer for them. I like to have a pleasant, sincere, trusting relationship with my clients.

              (And my mother has always been disappointed in my choice of career, but she has come to see that I am happy - different strokes for different folks.)


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                Here I am at my "great" job that pays well, has bonuses and good benifits and security and I can't WAIT til the day i can quit and groom full time.


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                  I have a father and step-mother who are both college professors. They have asked me several times over the years when I am going to get a real job. They have told my son and DIL both that they "cant bathe dogs for the rest of your life can you?" (both have worked for me) It usually shuts them up when they realize I make MORE money then they do, even did when I was on commission for someone else, and I am done when I leave work. Both of them are constantly having to bring work home, deal with problems, etc. and they seem just plain miserable. They will always work for someone else, and never really be able to make any decisions as to how things are done. Main thing is they seem MISERABLE at their jobs, and think most people are just as miserable.

                  Do what you love and maybe take some business management type classes to help you when you have your own salon! Who says you cant make good money doing what you enjoy?


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                    I SOO undersand I am fighting this wright now too. I started grooming right out of high school and reached a point where I diden't see myself growing anymore (haden't found this place yet LOL)plus I was working coperate and diden't really see my self "climbing the ladder" there so I felt like this isn't ALL I want to due with my life. So I went back to school and several years latter I now have Two Bachelor's one in human anatomy and one in Health and Wellness as well and my Associates with an emphsis in chemistry and my Doctorate in chiropractic. I am also AVCA certified to be an animal chiropractor. My consession as I realized I still want to work with dogs. But once I graduated I started grooming again to help pay the bills as I started my business and got licenced and everything. And well I kinda discovered that I Really LOVE grooming. I love having the option to due more and everthing I have been through in the last few years with school have changed my perspective on Stuff. I want to become a certified groomer now. I would actually run my own shop now. Things I would never have done before. I am on such a roller coaster ride right now trying to figure out what I want to due which direction to take my business.

                    The looks I get for wanting to be a Doctor AND a groomer. Wheww. So I toatally hear you. Thankfully I have a wounderful other half that is truly supportive and dosen't care he just wants me to be happy. But it is sooo frustrating to have to deal with those who see grooming as a "low class can't do any better for yourself" kind of job. Hang in there! Due what you love! You can't beat liking you work now $$$ can make up for that in the long run.


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                      Grooming put me through college

                      to earn a BBA, then got an associates in vet technology....then, FINALLY, after many years and many jobs, returned to grooming by buying my own shop, although I did groom here and there throughout the years. If it's your calling, there ain't no way of avoiding it!! I am the happiest I've ever been right now.


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                        One life!

                        Hello! Sorry to hear that people are not supporting you when you need it the most. I worked towards a Science degree and felt that my heart was just not in it. My family was shocked to hear that I wanted to groom dogs and felt I had wasted lots of money and time going to university "just" to cut dog hair. The thing is we just have one life and we have to be happy in this life for you not for anyone else. So if that means your going to happy working with animals than thats that! Don't let others try to convice you of what will be best for you! If you think about it how much time is spent working? Wouldn't you rather go to a place you love opposed to a place you just had to go to, to pay the bills. Follow your heart! I'm in the best and and most rewarding career and get lots of wet kisses too.


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                          Ah, the slings and arrows we suffer for our choice of careers. When I told my parents, my dad said, "Dog college? Why would you want to do that? You'll never be able to earn a living." I did graduate with an associate degree in Canine Science, much to their chagrin. But as the years passed by even they had to admit that my choice of careers has allowed me to travel and meet all sorts of interesting people. I'm doing what I love and my clients appreciate me and my skills. I have a job that I would do for free just because I enjoy it sooooo much. To do it and get paid for it? How great is that! I tell people I haven't worked in years, and it's true. I have a lot of friends that get paid better than I do, but they spend it on headache remedies and therapy because they hate their jobs. Not one would do it if they didn't get paid. We're the blessed few and thankfully we know it.


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                            Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
                            And yes, many people "look down" on groomers/grooming. But many DO appreciate it.
                            One of my former ministers is one of those people who DO appreciate what we do. He once made a comment to me about what a great mission I had, referring to the little old ladies whose dogs were all the family they had.

                            Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
                            (And my mother has always been disappointed in my choice of career, but she has come to see that I am happy - different strokes for different folks.)
                            It took my Mom many years (plus me going to Italy on GroomTeam and her going to Intergroom one year to watch me in the Oster Invitational) to come to terms with me being a groomer. I was once tempted to get a bumper sticker that said: "Don't tell my mother I am a dog groomer . . . she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse."


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                              "As I tell my kids; Don't ever choose your career based on the pay. You will be spending the majority of your life on the job. You damned well better enjoy what you do. Forget the money. It will never....I'm sayin' it again.....It will never bring you the satisfaction that comes with a job that you are passionate about."

                              Exactly. Two years ago I had a client watching me groom her dogs and she complimented me on the job I was doing. She asked where I went to school. You should have seen her face when I told her what university I graduated from. You need a bachelor's degree to do this?? I explained the situation.

                              I have a degree in art (mostly commercial, technically a fine art degree) and I worked in that field for almost 30 years and enjoyed it. Then I reached 50, made too much money and was laid off (along with all the other "old" people). My hobby is showing dogs - that's how I got into grooming and boarding. I still do free-lance graphic design, about 30 hours a week or so. The other 30+hours I groom. I enjoy it, although it's a bit hard on the body, and actually make a bit more money grooming - but my husband and I own the business, too.