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puppies in a basket

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  • puppies in a basket

    i do lots of fostering for the shelter mostly kittens/cats on occasion some dogs,well i was there picking up a batch of kittens,when a couple walked in with a basket,they said they saw the basket sitting in the middle of nowhere,and the thought it was a cool basket so they pulled over,and it was a really cool basket like an older heavy wicker laundry basket with leather handles,i would have pulled over for it too,well there were some blankets in there and they were gonna toss the blankets when out rolls out 2 newborn puppies,i hope they make it they were so young,sometimes i hate people,who would dump innocent creatures,i know it happens more than id care to know,anyways i helped name them misletoe,and kris cringle,dont know what kind of pups they are

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    Some people just suk! I hope those little babies make it!


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      I keep an eye out for "moving" garbage bags on the side of the road. I've found afew animals dumped in medians on highways, though just loose, I know a few people who have found dumped garbage bags with animals in them.
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        Grrr. Poor pups. At least you found them and they have some kind of chance. I love those names!
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