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I always forget my camera...

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  • I always forget my camera...

    When I have a groom I REALLY want to take a pic of. I usually keep the camera in the van but had brought it in to download the pics of the labradoodle and forgot to return it. So yesterday I was doing a cat I love. Her name is Chrysler and she loves to rub and head butt me while I'm grooming her! She gets a #2 plush cut (what I call it on a cat) and it turned out so nicely. She also lets me handscissor her pretty well, meaning she holds still for it for the most part, and I only get to do her twice a year, so it's not like I'll be seeing her soon when I can remember the camera! Oh well, I really had wanted to share a pic of her in her clip, it looked really cute on her. I think she would have come out a little better if she allowed a bath. I do a waterless shampoo on her, but she freaks for loud noises, even as sweet as she is. I can't even have the van running because the sound of the diesel engine makes her shake like crazy. But other than that she turned out great and I couldn't even get a pic of her. Oh well. It would have been nice to have for my website so people can see a cat in something other than a lion clip. So just picture in your mind a sweet little grey and white long haired cat looking all plush with about a half inch of fur left. he even has me trim down her tail!
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