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  • Changing brushes..

    Can anyone tell me how to change out the brushes in my edemco force dryer? How often should they be changed? My dryer keeps making a very odd noise while I'm using it. If it is on high speed with the nozzle on sometimes it makes a very loud noise like it is plugged or the motor is running weird. If I turn it off or turn it down it stops. Never had that happen before. Xmas rush is here and I don't want to be down a dryer! THANKS!

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    Not brushes maybe bearings

    I don't think it is the brushes. If the brushes are worn out the dryer would just stop working. It sounds more like the bearings are going out. If it is the bearings you need to find a repair place to fix it.



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      Thanks Scott!

      This dryer is only about a year old.. I will try to find someone to take a look at it.