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  • ear releif!

    I just realized something I am thankful for! These days most clients are perfectly okay with shorter,and even shaved ears on their dogs if it will suit them,or the ears are matted. I remember the days when people all loved long,long, ears,even on Bichons,and it was like a cardinal sin to shorten them even if they were pelted into ear muffs! I was taught to say "clip" never "shave" one day eons ago I had to shave off a new clients doggies pelted ears. When she came to get her dog, I said I'm sorry the ears were too matted I had to clip them off. She went white faced,and looked horrified,she thought I had cut her dogs ears off! That's when I started saying "shave sometimes.
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    reminds me of the time in the dark ages the owner,groomer i worked for told the ladt"i'll hvae to put it down" poor woman! she was hysterical! i learned to never use groomerspeak with a client! she's bawling, trying to pick up her pelted bignhairy,he's trying to explain..lmao, he never said that again!
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