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Why is it all the good dogs?

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  • Why is it all the good dogs?

    Ok. I give up. Why do all the good dogs die? Why don't the brat dogs or the ones that are vicious and nasty die. I know that's bad to say, but honestly. It started last year. I lost a Golden I've groomed for 3 yrs. Woke up one day limping and found out he had bone cancer. Then this year I lost Mini Pearl, one of my fave toy Poodles to groom. She was hit by a car. Then Monroe, my fave Giant Schnauzer. He was having toes amputated left and right because of infections that they couldn't get under control and his legs were going out on him also. Finally he went all together. Then a Lab, Brigid, who was just the cutest thing. Then on Wednesday I find out that Kona, a loveable GSD passed. That one was expected. She was old and having strokes. Then later that night one of my good clients comes in. I thought it was odd that she just showed up. She walked up to me and said, Becky I have to tell you. I looked straight at her and said, NO. I don't wanna know. Sierra, my all time favortie dog passed. She was a long haired GSD. None of the other groomers wanted to do her because she couldn't stand up for long do to Wobblers disease. So, of course, I jumped right on grooming her because of my love of the breed. She was the sweetest thing in the whole wide world and she was in every 2 weeks. The day after I found out Monroe died Sierra was in for grooming. And of course I asked mom how her health was. She said she was just at the vet 2 days before and all her tests came back perfect.

    Well come to find out that she had spinal stenosis. Apparently she'd had it for a long time and her nerves to her colon and bladder slowly died. She noticed that she was urinating frequently so she had her tested for a UTI a bladder infection, diabetes. You name she had Sierra tested for it. A vet decided do an ultrasound of her kidneys. That's when he noticed the spine. She wasn't in any pain because the nerves were dead, but they decided to euthanize due to quality of life. Not fair to have to cath a dog just so she can go potty.

    I'm losing all my beloved doggies. Juneau (the golden), Mini, Monroe and Sierra were all my request dogs. Brigid and Kona were just a plus and we all loved them so much that we rotated doing them.

    That's all the dogs that have died, that we know about anyway.

    I was at work today thinking about how all the good ones are gone. I groomed 7 dogs today. Out of all 7 only 1 dogs card was marked with bad things. Kennel shy, bites, muzzle for ear hair. Well guess what.. Out of all 7 of my dogs that was actually the most well behaved dog today. He came right out of the kennel didn't bite me once today. Still had to muzzle for ear hair, but usually the dog is a pill. We dread making the appointment. I was loving him today. The rest that were supposed to be great were all nuts and psychotic today.

    I'm kicking myself for thinking like this, but it just kinda gets to me after a while. Makes me so sad.

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    Yes, I feel your pain. I've had several this year die that I loved to pieces. I don't think the owners realize sometimes how much we love these wonderful creatures. I've got a couple right now that I expect to hear the news at any time. It's vey sad. Groomers are a breed of their own. I may not be the perfect groomer but I sure do love'em. Maybe next year will be better. Sorry you're feeling so sad but I do understand.
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      That's often the way

      I think the rotten, cranky dogs just have a lot more spunk and "oomph" and they get through a lot that would kill other dogs. Really.

      Also, all your dogs (except the Poodle HitByCar) are large ones - those often age faster, die earlier.

      Plus we are poisoning our dogs more than we used to - shots, heartworm control, flea control, plus some ****** food that people don't know is ****** - so who knows how much can be attributed to that? (I LOVE the book "Scared Poopless, and the related website,, which details better care for our dogs without so much poisoning, and relies on a couple of the top holistic vets in this country for advice.)

      So sorry for you losing so many so close together.


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        I'm really sorry I know that there will be more and more dogs that you love and they will remind you why you are grooming in the first place. Keep your head up


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          I hear you. I've lost many favorites. Some got sick and died, some died in a mattter of days or weeks, some died tragically. It's horrible. And I lost an owner too that I just adored. I went to her wake and bawled my eyes out and I still miss her and her dog. {{HUGE SIGH}} And I've had some move away.


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            Just think of all those great dog that will already be there to meet you in Heaven.
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