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grooming table prob.

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  • grooming table prob.

    The texture that is on my grooming table is starting to peel off and of course the underside is only medal. Does anyone know what product that textured stuff is and where to get it or just any ideas for replacing it with a different textured product?

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    i dont know what it is but at my work the boss nailed a anti slip rubber mat to the bottom of the table,it works well,and it sounds ugly but you dont even notice its a mat
    good luck


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      Grooming table cover

      I bought mine by the yard from a marine supply store. It's what they use for boat decks. Comes in blue, beige, or brown.It's anti-skid (nubby) and easy to clean and very durable.


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        I took mine to the truck Rhino lining place and they sprayed on the liner, it comes in different colors too and lasts FOREVER,cleans up real nice.


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          My friend bought 2 of the same tables (purchased a year apart) and the same thing happened to each one in a year`s time. I bet it is the same brand you have. I believe her DH coated hers with the paint on bedliner stuff that you can get at Home Depot?