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How do bathers get paid?

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  • How do bathers get paid?

    The bather that I just hired has the job of basically being my assistant. She bathes all of the dogs that come in for me to do haircuts on as well as the bath only dogs. I brush all of the bath dogs as well as do their nails and ears. She is paid hourly. Should her pay come out of my half of the commission or the facility's?

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    I don't know about anybody else...but I'm a little confused. (????)

    You say "the bather I just hired"....but you get 1/2 the commission of the facility.....?

    Are you an IC, or an employee of the "facility"...because things could be more skewed than you think.
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      if you are hiring as an IC it comes out of your pay as she is your employee however as you yourself as an emplyee the bather must be covered under the facilities insurance unless you carry your own then you cover hers as well as yours unless she becomes the facilities employee.this really is something that should have been discussed with your boss/facility owner prior to hiring a bather.but because she does benefit both parties I think both of you should be covering this expense IMO .


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        Are you an IC or an employee?


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          If you are an employee, you cannot have an employee. If you are an IC the facility cannot pay YOUR employee, you have to do it.

          You will also have to have taxes taken out of her wages, workers comp, etc etc... it is not uncommon for shops to make groomers pay for bathers, but if you are an employee they cannot legally make you, though many try and many succeed!
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