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  • Idea to make money in January

    I just ordered some postcards from vistaprint that are for $XX baths.....and it says to be used within 4 weeks of the last groom, and I left little lines where I can put the date it needs to be used by. If my regular small dog groom is $XX, then I offer mini grooms for $XX minus $10. Well, with the postcard, it will be $XX minus $20, so it would be ten dollars cheaper for them to get the bath and clean up with the postcard than without.

    It says on there it includes the bathing, conditioning, blow dry, toenails. feet and face tidied, and sani trim. I forgot to put ear cleaning, oops. And of course, I worded it a bit differently. I also put on there that it didn't include dematting or any haircutting, and was good for only one pet.

    I thought I could hand some of these out to my regular clients that come in at Christmas. I obviously can't give it out to the bigger dogs, but I thought it would be nice for the zillion little dogs that come in on a regular basis.

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    Good idea!

    Thats a really good idea.


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      Great idea I will maybe have to do that. Thanks for sharing that info.


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        clever thinking....thanks for the ideas!!!!


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          I do this every year and hand them out to each client in December with the client's Christmas card and pet gift (which everyone gets). I give those who are a little down on their luck or retired, fixed i ncome people 2. One good for January, One for Feb.

          This year however my coupons are a bit different. We did Zebi Bucks. GOod for $5 off a full service or $3 off a bath. I made them good through Feb and you will get one each time you come in December.

          I started a blog entry on my coupon program three days ago but didnt get it posted yet. When I do there will be PDFs of generic coupons you can print and use if you like.

          If January and Feb are slow for you then this is a great way to improve that. Also, it is a way for you to give a gift at Christmas that doesn't take money OUT of your pocket. If people who would not generally come in those months DO come in, then you make money.

          Good job!
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            I think that is a fantabulous idea...and might be "the missing link" in an idea I've had for my faithful December clients! Thanks!
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              That is a fantastic idea. Gets money out of those people that don't want haircuts cause it is too cold. I agree that is also a great x-mas gift that cost you nothing!!!!
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                I am doing the same, putting coupons in the Goodybag Xmas gifts to be used by.... I think I picked Feb 6th as a cut off date.