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  • is it safe to use a gh on

    kitties,and does it go around the belly?any pointers on safe ways to restrain kitty cat right now i use a figure 8 harness and it isnt attched to an arm its just a leash,i dont feel its safe but this is what the boss wants me to use,and its a pain when im sheving the belly cause the leash is always in the way,i did have the gh dvd but i lost it,any help please
    thank you

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    I live close to raining cats & dogs in quartz hill. Chuck is sending me the dvd because I didn't get it when I bought the GH from the grooming school I went to. After I have watched it, I would gladly loan it to you to see if you would like.


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      I do lots of cats. Most are usually very good, but occasionally have the hard to handle one. Most of the cats have a large grooming noose that goes over one shoulder and chest so it is kind of like the figure 8 harness only not as much noose. If the kitty is really a pain, I usually have someone hold for the belly and back legs. I never walk away from my cat when it is on the table, sometimes I just keep one hand on it and nothing else. That only works with the really good ones who don't want to escape. There are mesh bags and such. I've not had too much luck with those. Keep trying, maybe you'll come up with the perfect safe restraint system.


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        I also use a figure 8 around the cat .you can make one easily with a slip lead be it tightens around the shoulders and under arms not the neck and chest( attach to the arm as you would the grooming loop).this is almost impossible for a cat to escape from.I do also use a grooming loop around the neck with it attached low in the arm so the cat cannot turn on me while I'm doing the hind area. For your safety I also recommend use of an E collar instead of a muzzle but if a muzzle is necessary I use both E collar and muzzle( I have been bit through a muzzle it still does damage).


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          I know Chuck has a method of using the GH on cats, but I've come up with my own, and for me it works great.

          I do fashion a figure 8 harness out of a slip lead. Then I attach the loose end of the leash to my grooming arm, overhead. I snap the tether from the GH to the ring on the figure 8, that's between kitty's shoulder blades. If I feel I need even more control I attach a second GH tether on the other end of the table. Now kitty is in a 3 point restraint.

          I put kitty facing away from me, allowing her to hook her front paws over the edge of the table. And the vast majority of kitties are content to stay there, at least for a while.

          I'll admit, this hook-up is not intended to keep kitty from trying to bite me as much as it is keeping kitty from making good on her escape plan. I work for a vet. If kitty really intends to bite me, kitty takes a nap.