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Spa lavish did it for me

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  • Spa lavish did it for me

    well this early morning we were on our local news channel at 5 and 6 am they had us on live remote promating the spa lavish packages also the soft paws.
    I got luckky that one of the news anchors brings her chi to us so I called her and offered her a ultimate spa package for free just to mention us and she decided to put it on the morning news we'l also be on our eye on the desert show either tonight or tommorow night. It was funny will we were live our phones started ringing. talk about news traveling fast . I told my husband and the gals that work for me that I would be on the news before the full years up and i pulled it off just 2 months shy of a year in busniess

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    Congrats! That's great. I've been trying to get on the dagum news for months now to no avail. I'm going to keep trying though. Tell us all about it. Did they interview you? What did you say? Did you do a demo right there? A tour of the salon??? I want more info. Very exciting!
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      I tried to get the newspaper to do a story, but never heard back from them. Wish I knew someone in the news lol. Congrats. That is great advertising.
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        Yeah they put us on Live three diffrent times so we showed them the products used them also showed the soft paws in action I called them our paw-di-cure then they interview me and I also was featured on our local eye on the desert which is a arts and entertainment show and since its fashion week they decided why not the dogs to. I had calls today.I got lucky that the news anchor gal came to me to groom her little one. so I called her up gave her a freebie and I am on tv. Now I am working our local paper. Ill just keep writing to diffrent editior till on elkes the idea.