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  • Remember Buddy?

    I had posted a thread about Buddy a while ago after the first time I groomed him. You can see those pics here
    I just thought I would share what I've been able to do with his head now that I've been grooming him for about a year. His coat has a nice texture but it very sparse. As I like to say, he has a low thread count LOL. I do think he looks better than he did when I started. Still working on improving those Bichon heads though.
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    He's lookin gooood! It's nice to have a dog to grow out and practice on isn't it? I have one little bichon that comes every 5 weeks and I've been trying to improve my bichon techniques with him. Nice job.


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      what an improvement; great work.


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        Buddy's chin is too long

        OK, his chin is too long and the front of his muzzle all looks like he is attempting to have a Schnauzer beard. The front of his beard/moustache needs to be rounded back.

        Also, the sides of his cheeks/head whatever need to be combed straight out to the sides and then do your round head. Same with the dog photo in your first photo, and the lower ears need to be beveled IN towards the cheeks. I think I may have said before that I often use a snap-on or a skip blade on the lower portion of the ears.

        The video that WinterElixer posted is great, so all who are having difficulty can see where their dogs are lacking hair compared to Winter's model, plus the shaping. Pam's explanation is great, too.

        And a lot of Bichon owners just don't keep their dogs well enough to have that amount of combed hair, so then you modify and shorten. Cute, Bichonly, but easier.