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Well the new Poo was a Psycho!

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  • Well the new Poo was a Psycho!

    I thought I would start a new thread for this one!
    The new Poo, named Derby (apparently born during Kentucky Derby or something), was not a good fit. I think he had "springer rage" or something. He was great, loving, WONDERFUL with the kids, great coat, as pretty as a painting and then he would randomly attack my dogs. And it wasn't the kind of nipping you expect when defining Pack order. It was out and out "I wanna kill you dog" biting!
    His eyes glassed over and the dog he was standing next to would get HIT and I mean hard. Every single one of my dogs was cowering from a 4 MONTH OLD PUPPY! WTH? Including my Bull Terrier! And that girl doesn't cower from anything! Poor Willie (my Bichon/Shih) lost a big old chunk of fur and I had to peel it out of Derby's teeth....OY!
    I am so sad! I have waited 2 years for the perfect poodle to come along. I guess it isn't my time yet. So I will continue waiting
    The breeder was great and came right over and got him. She was in pure shock. I asked her what she is going to do with him and she isn't sure. She is taking him in tomorrow to the vet and get some further "testing" done on him. Luckily she was able to see it first hand.
    A 4 month old puppy, even if a kennel dog for his first 4 months of life, shouldn't act like this. If he has a screw loose the only option may be putting him down. Sad but true. He is a liability........what a waste of a beautiful, beautiful baby!
    I just can't imagine how he is gonna be when his "junk" drops and the Testosterone is pumping! And I can't blame it on bad breeding. My client has his brother and he is WONDERFUL. No dog aggression issues at all. He was around a lot of dogs at her kennel so I find it hard to believe it was from isolation.
    Maybe he just didn't like my dogs.....I have never really had trouble introducing a dog into my pack. I have done it a hundred times. I used to run a doggy daycare out of my house and all the dogs were literally in my house with my dogs. I have always thought of my pack as very calm and really used to dogs coming in and out. Heck, at any family gathering I have all my fam's dogs come. There are 15 dogs running my house at any given time! LOL They even exchange X-mas presents, as silly as that sounds! LOL
    Anyways, thanks for all your advice. I really appreciate every single one of you!
    Mandy, Birdie, Evie, Willie and The Woo
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    AAWW that sucks!

    Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you didn't get attached before realizing it wouldn't work out,and that the breeder was so understanding. I have never seen such behaviour in a poodle,wish I could help. My Cindee was quite dog aggressive,very dominant,and a general pain in the [email protected]#$ .Both her parents were very soft,sweet temperments. Her breeder gave her to me,and with much patience ,discipline,training,she became a nice little girl,who is now 10 ,and just needs a gentle reminder here and there,that she doesn't own the world. But she is only 9 1/2" tall. I can't imagine the liability of an agressive male that size. He didn't happen to be an only pup did he? Cindee was. I hope there is someone that can figure out Derby's problem,so he has a normal life. HUGS The right one will come along soon.
    "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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      Years ago I had a simliar problem with a mini. his name was Pillsbury and his birth weight was normal for my poodles. At about 4mths old he was already larger and heavier then my other dogs. he started showing signs of dog aggression within the pack. At the time I had about 12 poodles.At least two stud dogs, several brood bitches and several spayed retired girls. All my dogs ran together, only when i had girls in season were the males seperated. no acidental breedings here.

      At 5mths, i took Pillsbury to my vet to get him nuetered. Explained to my vet about his behaviour. he remarked about his size as he thought he looked so different then my other dogs.

      I was feeding my horse and heard blood curling screams coming from the dog yard. I had to jump the fence and forcibly get Pillsbury off a 3yrold Ch. bitch. He laid her throat open. That was the last straw. The same day, with my bitch and Pillsbury off to the vets. Males should never attack a female especially a puppy and go against an adult female.

      My vet was dumbfouned at his size. He was huge, he grew at a rapid rate and was a 35lber. My vet felt that he had a pituatary gland problem and said I could spend thousands on him, but the end result would be that he would outgrow his body. Simliar to Andre the Giant problem. Mind you my minis were around 13lbs to 16lbs.

      I made the decision right then and there to put him down.

      My next question as to what caused this? My vet felt that it was a congental birth defect and not a genetic problem. I never had a puppy like this in my breeding program again.