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  • Anyone in or near Virginia beach

    I am so sad.. My very favorite client told me this week that this would be the last time I will be grooming her dogs. She is moving to Virginia beach to be closer to family.

    I have been grooming for this woman since the very first week I started grooming 1991. I have been through FIVE dogs with her. She is easy going, sweet, appreciative and considerate. She loves the dogs and keeps them on a very regular grooming schedule. (every 4-6 weeks depending on time of year) I don't think she has ever missed an appt without calling ahead to cancel with plenty of time. When I was first diagnosed with cancer way back 5 yrs ago, I ended up having to cancel 3 appointments in a row with her while I was being diagnosed (tests, biopsies ect) Instead of being mad, she showed up with a big ol stuffed animal holding a cup of hersheys kisses and a beautiful card.

    Right now she has 2 westies and a papillion, all of which have been groomed since she got them as puppies so they are all well behaved and easy to handle. One of the westies has a bit of anxiety and panics when you pick him up but as soon as he is in the tub or on the table he is calm again and perfectly lovable. The papillion is so sweet you can bearly groom him because you just want to snuggle him. They are all perfect for complete drying with a force or stand dryer.

    Anyway, I love her and the dogs so much that I would really love to be able to recommend a great groomer to her. I know it is something she has been stressing about.

    Let me know!!!


    Ps. no offense, but I would like to have them at a place who does their drying by hand, rather then mostly cage drying. IMO Its just safer. No offense to anyone who does it differently, its just a preferance here.