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I'm fostering a Yorke till March.

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  • I'm fostering a Yorke till March.

    I groom a guys Meunsterlander. Well 2 weeks after I groomed his dog he walked in with a Yorkie in horrible condition. He found the dog the day before running in his apartment complex. He brought it to us to be shaved down. And boy did he need it. The poor thing was matted from head to toe and was in full coat and his teeth are just horrible but still sharp. They aren't worn down at all. He isn't one of the Yorkies with the nice thin silky coat. No he dawns the coat of a sheep dog.. I stripped him with a 7 in most parts but a 10 was required on the legs. He absolutely freaked out. He screamed and bit and fought me the entire time. Then came the bath. He was good for the bath. And for the touch up shave he was better. Still kinda freaked at first but then realized I wasn't killing him. The guy that found him put an ad out for a found Yorkie. Nobody called to claim him. He had no collar and he isn't chipped. So I told him that if the owner wasn't found than I would take him. So a few days later he brought him to me.

    I made an appointment for the vet for vaccines. My vet, whom I love, not to mention cute, asked me all sorts of questions about his personality and so on. This is the vet that found out why my Dane had diarrhea (sp?) for 7 months after 5 other vets kept telling me ghiardia. I told him that he's an absolute sweetheart, which he is. Loves everyone, runs up to everyone and is a kisser and never barks. Never makes a peep. Except hes a talker. Literally. He's one of those dogs that whines on occasion and sounds like he's actually saying words.. So cute... Then I told him how he acted for the shave down. The vet told me that he doesn't see this cute little thing being so mean. Just then the vet picked up the vial and the syringe and the dog went balistic.. LOL... He didn't even touch him yet. Scruffy (the Yorkie) went absoultely haywire. Starts screaming and barking and trying to bite. Well apparently he's been vaccinated before.. LOL.. The vet just stood there and I went.. SEE... ha ha..... The vet tech had to pin him and he was finally able to give the vaccines. So dramatic.. ha ha.. Then he checked his ear because he's been scratching sores. No infecton and nothing in the canal. Kind of a freak thing. Then I told him he had horrible teeth. So the vet looked at his right said and about freaked from the site of his teeth. I told him to check the other side. And the vet said I think this is worse I don't see how it could get any more nasty. So he looked at the left side and jumped back with disguste. He's got an absces. (sp?) So the soonest I could get him in to get neutered and his teeth cleaned is Dec 9th.

    I told my mom about him and she wants him. So he found a home the same day I got him. She keeps trying to send me money for his vet bills but I wont let her. She's helped me out so much the least I could do is the get the dog fixed up with MY money before she gets him.

    I'll post a picture as soon as I can get one to download on this comp..