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What is the best gift to give a groomer for Christmas

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  • What is the best gift to give a groomer for Christmas

    Dear Groomers,

    What ever you want or need for your business it is time to let your gift givers know.

    Let your family, employer, employees and clients know. Yes I said clients.

    How about a sign on the counter that says, "If you are contemplating a gift for your groomer this Christmas this is what they need.

    Think of what you want and how to leave the hint. How about a note on a pillow or sign that says, "The best thing you can get your groomer for Christmas is a "__________________"!

    If you don't tell anyone no one will know.

    What would you like for your business for Christmas? How about:

    A new computer with grooming software. They are very inexpensive now.
    A new table or tub.
    A new Grooming Arm and Clamp.
    A new set of clippers or pair of scissors.
    A set of Les Pooches brushes.
    A Clipper Vac system.
    A bathing system.

    [b]or how about some more help![/b]

    The best thing you can get your groomer for Christmas is a "Groomers Helper®"! What else?


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    Christmas gifts...

    How about something less "technical" for the clients to choose from; a massage, a pedicure, manicure, hair styling...a spa day!



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      Mine is simple .. from clients... BIG TIPS


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        Give the gift that keeps on giving and get another $50

        Dear Sitting Pretty,

        I am sure we get those kinds of gifts every Christmas like the wine and cheese boards, the Christmas cookies etc. Like flowers they are a kind thought but do not last.

        If you know a professional groomer who is over burdened and underpaid who can not afford help like a lot of single groomers get them the gift that keeps on giving.

        It will allow them to make more money with much less effort and last forever. It is like buying them and extra pair of hands. It will make them more confident in their day to day struggle and prevent most injuries to the groomer and the pet.

        You groomers who want one tell your significant others what you need this year to make your labor of love less taxing. No matter what you want for Christmas if you do not tell anyone they will not know.

        I would like to offer any spouse or significant other a lower price for buying the gift that keeps on giving for the one they love but I have MAP pricing and this would not wash with my many distributors. However that does not mean I can not offer more product.

        For any spouse, significant other, manager, shop owner, employer, fellow employee, or anyone who purchases the Groomers Helper Pro Set for a Christmas gift for someone else I will include a $50 coupon for future purchases of related products (not the Groomers Helper®) like Stainless Steel (Guaranteed never to bend) grooming Arms and Locking Clamps, Grooming Loops, etc.

        So $50 off the MSRP $100 in Free Shipping and Free Product and now another $50 in savings on future purchases of related items. That is [b]$200.00[/b] in Free Product and Savings on top of the purchase. Guaranteed for Life with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

        Just my way of saying Merry Christmas and Thank You for [b]thinking[/b] of another and buying them the gift that keeps on giving. This offer ends 12/15/09 and only available to people who have read this post as it is not published anywhere else.

        You must call me at 1-866-987-2426 Toll-Free to get this offer.

        Good Luck and Godspeed,



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          HELLOOOO? You forgot about chocolate! :: rolling eyes :: I can't believe you left out chocolate!

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            My family and their strange ideas!

            Well I was planning on asking for a GH for Xmas,or ,since I will soon just be grooming small well behaved dogs in my new home salon,some new Kenchii curvies. But, hubby ,and daughter ,in their wisdom,have decided that since I got Geib motion blenders,and a years scrip to Poodle Variety for my Birthday in November,And an early Xmas present of a new hydraulic table,and hubby paying renos to the garage,that I am hereby cut off any doggie ,poodle,or grooming themed gifts for awhile.! Not so much as another poodle magnet for the fridge. They have some crazy idea that I am overoccupied with all things DOG. Can you imagine? I would call them the groom nazi's,but that would be mean seeing as how much uber cool stuff,and money they already spent on my passion!
            "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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              I'm lucky (and grateful) if I just get a card from my customers at Christmas.
              I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).


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                Frankly, forget the big hints - I'm perfectly happy with a nice tip for Christmas.


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                  Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
                  Frankly, forget the big hints - I'm perfectly happy with a nice tip for Christmas.