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holiday gifts for clients??

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  • holiday gifts for clients??

    wondering do you get a gift for the pet owners (a human gift)? i can't decide, i was thinking that i may for some of my real regulars and some clients that i have had for years.

    i did get some toys to hand out for the dogs.

    also i have some good clients that have been in just recently and will not be back till jan. do you give a belated gift, send a card, or just let it go??

    i'm sure answers will vary, i'm just curious what you guys do. if you get people gifts do you have any ideas? i can't spend too much.

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    I found

    At bath and body works cute little dog shaped massagers they come in metalic colors i am thinking hang on the tree then massage hubby with it on christmas real cute 5$


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      I know that this sounds weird...

      but I don't do gifts for my clients. When I started grooming about 7 years ago, I knocked myself out to make my clients like me, etc and I felt that gifts were a part of that. Now, I know that I give my clients great service, peace of mind, a friendly and safe atmosphere and I am content. Instead, I donate my tips during the month of December to a rescue in the name of my clients and I let them know. Everytime I am given a tip, it goes into a jar and the client is told where it will be going. And I thank them.

      I have never received gifts from my hairdresser, banker, accountant, doctor, vet ony other service provider and I have never been offended.

      Just my 2 cents.


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        "I have never received gifts from my hairdresser, banker, accountant, doctor, vet ony other service provider and I have never been offended."

        very true... i guess thats what i want to know. i know my list of valued clients is going to grow every year too (i have only been open a year).


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          Web Designer,

          That's the way I feel too. I do, however, do small treat bags (organic treats made with barley flour) for my December dogs. This year I found some cute notepads featuring certain dog breeds and I bought a few for just a few special clients (the ones who are every 2-3 weeks, tip well, that sort of thing). This is the first time I've gotten something for the humans.

          I don't make enough to afford to buy quality things and I refuse to give pets treats and toys I would never give my dogs. (Like cheap junk from China.)


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            I don't believe going all out for my customers at Christmas. Here in Holland I barely even get a card from my customers or a tip. In past years I have given a few raw hide treats wrapped in some pretty ribbon and with a Christmas card. Other years I have sent every single customer a Christmas card by mail.
            This year I am only sending out a few Christmas cards by mail to my absolute favorite regulars.
            I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).