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Same thing as the last time he was groomed

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  • Same thing as the last time he was groomed

    soft coated wheaton terrior the card said he was stripped last time ,leave the head.
    well I asked the mom whatshed like done she said same as lst time.I said ok thank you,he was boarding and would b groomed a few days later.(so hed stay clean) dad picks him up and flips out on my groomer before anything he walks in and said tell me thats not my dog in the window-turned red in the face and yells at my groomer I wasnt there when he came but I would have showed him the door bt she stood there and took it and cried I think.
    That was the last time 2 weeks ago now he is staying with us for the weekend and it rained he is a MESS We are a cageless facility so he has been outside with 15 other dogs in th emud playing.would anyone else give this dog a bath when he goes home? I am so mad at him for yelling at her and our other groomer doesnt ever want to do this dog.Im not sure what I should do with him.

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    Coming from one who ran a boarding facility for 20 years...OF COURSE YOU CLEAN HIM UP!

    Honey...what are you thinking??? That this gentleman will pick up this "MESS" of a dog and go home and say nice things about your facility?

    I know it's hard...but sometimes, even "we" the professionals...have to leave certain feelings at the door...before we walk in.

    You need to rise above this and understand that for whatever reason...there was a break in communication over the dog's groom the last time...and take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening again. That was a SEPERATE incident!

    Apparently, the family felt comfortable enough to entrust you with this dog's care AGAIN. You would be cutting off your arm to spite your send this dog home in any condition less than you would send your own Mother's dog home in.

    I know in a boarding situation, sometimes it's hard NOT to hold the sins of the parent against the dog...but don't fall into that "trap".

    What if it were your dog?
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I call it SAB (same as before) Guess I am a little confused, you shaved the dog and he didn't want it shaved?


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        I would have called him to ask him why he was so upset. "Because you shaved my dog." "Well, I'm sorry that you and your wife don't communicate (ok, so I wouldn't say it like this, lol), but she did tell us, "SAME AS LAST TIME," and last time, your dog was shaved down to her undies." I always call clients who are upset and I'm not there to take care of it.

        As far as the baths---well, shouldn't ALL of the dogs be cleaned up then? This guy doesn't deserve a clean dog any more (OR LESS) than anybody else---are you going to send the others home all muddy? I'm corn-fused.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          I agree with 4sibes on this one big time.just a courtesy bath and brush will do.although I would inform the owner that this service was provided complimentary due to the mis-communication of his last visit(even if it isn't ).but it will also help the dogs coat so the next time he is groomed he wont be a matted mess and have to be shaved.


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            I vote, "YES" he needs to be bathed. You can't send a dog home dirty. Any dog that was kept for mor then 2-3 days at any kennel (or vet) that I've worked at was bathed as a courtesy.

            I'm confused about that hair cut, tho'. When he was shaved naked, was it done because he was matted solid? Was he in the same condition this more recent time? Even when an owner says, "Same as last time" and they may ormay not need a shave down I think clarifying would've been a good idea...

            How does this sound to you...?
            "Same as last time, let's see, we had to shave him all over last time because he was matted. Lets check him now. (you get out a comb and check the back, the legs, the arm pits, etc.) Oh he's not too bad we may be able to leave some coat on him so he won't be so short."

            Or "He does seem to be matted, I guess he'll need to be clipped short again." If you make it REAL clear to them they don't have as much opportunity to come back and scream at you. You know it was a misunderstanding between the lady and your groomer, they never see it that way.



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              I don't think I would leave my dog in a facility that has the dogs outside in the rain in mud. JMO. Yes, give the dog a bath for goodness sake!


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                Bath OF COURSE!!

                Listen to 4Sibes - she is very wise!

                So the guy yelled and a groomer may have cried. If he wasn't abusive and was not called on being abusive, then you were dealing with understable shock/disappointment which may have caused him to raise his voice. If this is something you cannot deal with, then you are not doing your "management duties".

                I would have got to the bottom of the misunderstanding AT THE TIME, or called later to clarify if I was not there AT THE TIME.

                But NOW is a different time. Be grateful they are coming back - maybe hubby talked to wife when he got home and cleared up her directions vs. his expectations. Or maybe THEY just decided to forgive and MOVE ON. That is what YOU need to do.

                Clean up the dang dog (nice bath, fluff and tidy, trim feet and nails and sani and eyes for FREE and tell them), be professional, and clarify the grooming directions if/when the dog comes back for a groom. The guy did not sound abusive or impossible to deal with from your description. Be a pro.

                And keep in mind that MAYBE some bathed and fluffed the dog some time after the shave and did NOT write it on the card!!!! So "same as last time" did not mean to the owner what YOU thought it meant!! Uh-oh!!

                Good luck.


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                  ohhh .........I so wanted someone to say dont do it!!!
                  I will be bathing him I wish he was a nicer dog though.Just to point out I wouldnt leave my dog in the faciliy I work in........ but not because of th dirt yard( seriously no grass) but becasue the dogs are alone at night together . we are a daycare facility and we take a few dogs in for boarding however durring the holidays (this is my first one working here) he takes anyone who books-even if they are not fixed. it was a nightmare wednesday the building is maybe 800sq ft and I had around 30 dogs including groom dogs,daycare and boarding and it rained and left the yard a puddle of mud.So I had to let them out to potty(not the grooms though) even though it wasnt raining it may as well have been,I flt like crying .I weigh mybe 99 pounds and that is hard when all of the dogs are jumping on you!! Now that I think about it I dont want to be here for christmas! ugh!
                  anyhow they are all going to go home dirty,hed never let me give them all free baths.;


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                    Ok. Now I DO feel sorry for ya! (Though I would still send the dog home clean.)

                    In a boarding set-up (?)...greed only trumps common sense and adequate pet care for so long. It'll catch up w/ the owner.

                    I'd be searching for another job w/ higher standards cuz an owner like this is likely the type to pin the blame on employees when something goes wrong. Mark my words.
                    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.