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  • Dryer problem...

    My metro dryer (the big one) is making this awful high pitch screaming noise when I turn it on... Has nothing to do with the nozzle and I can't take it anymore! Does anyone know what could cause this and how to fix it? I can't afford to send it off at the moment and I have no back up if I had to. Also, my nozzle keeps flying off... I used to be able to shove a folded up paper towel between the hose and tip but now that's not even working. Do they sell nozzles separately or would I need a new hose and all?

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    They sell nozzles separately and what makes it "scream" is the hose is too long and it is cold when you turn it on. You have to turn it on and keep the hose straight until it warms up (a couple of minutes) then you are OK.
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      ah yes the dreaded flying nozzle lol.if you twist and shove the nozzle over the hose past the normal stopping point(best to do with the dryer on low so the rubber heats up)it stays on much easier you really have to stretch that nozzle to get it to this piont .as for the squealing i had the same thing happen with my K9II I had to replace the motor(still on order)but you can give this guy a call it may not be as serious as mine is.
      he sells parts as well as repairs and new dryers.


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        We had a dryer doing that. Turned out to be a tiny crack where the hose connected to the dryer.


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          If the nozzle keeps flying off, buy a hose clamp at the hardware store. They cost around 35 cents. Take the nozzle into the store to make sure you get the right size clamp. Just put it over the nozzle and hose and tighten it up. You can get the kind with a screw (instead of needing a screwdriver) so that you can remove the nozzle whenever you need to use the dryer without it.
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            I just ordered a few "hose" replacements for my metro commander from petedge.