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  • Nooses

    Yes I now have plenty of time now to ask questions.

    I am just wondering how many of you actually use the noose on a regular basis? That thing worries the hell out of me and I rarely ever use it. I even made it so that it will come loose if the dog falls off the table. (a can opener and a sharpie pen......patent pending. lol). Anyway, maybe I've just always had well behaved dogs up to this point.

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    Eeek, I hate that word 'noose'. I like to call it a grooming loop : ) I use them often, but not every time. I am a mobile groomer and so it is just me and the doggies without interruptions and if they are relaxed and quiet, I prefer using nothing. If it is a small dog, which it usually is, I loop it under one armpit because I worry about the dogs trachea. If it is a medium/large dog, I slip it up around the neck only while working around the armpit/neck to get it out of the way. I also will use the tummy strap if the front strap is going to be in the way. I suppose if I worked in a busy or noisy atmosphere, I would keep some type of restraint on the dog at all times.


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      I use my ALLLLL the time...the only time I take them off is when I am working around the neck where the noose would get in the way. Sometimes if I am uncomfortable un-noosing a dog, a re-attach the noose arount the dogs belly...I never leave them unattended though...


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        Absolutely! It helps the dog to know where the boundaries are. I really need to know where the head is at all times.


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          Pretty much all the time. I am also mobile but just one second to look away and get a different pair of scissors or something and they could be off the table. And, esp the little guys being up so high on my table...they could do some damage if they jumped. Just makes me nervous if I don't. I don't always use it snug...just a gentle reminder to them that they ARE tied up so don't try anything funny!!


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            Don't make me ask a third time. (I have no idea)


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              Originally posted by alina1686 View Post
              I use my ALLLLL the time...the only time I take them off is when I am working around the neck where the noose would get in the way. Sometimes if I am uncomfortable un-noosing a dog, a re-attach the noose arount the dogs belly...I never leave them unattended though...
              Same here. And I call it a safety loop.

              All it takes is a dog who gets startled or sees something interesting, or just decides to take a flying leap for no known reason, and suddenly you have a hurt dog. I would never groom without a loop.


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                I dunno about anybody else here but by the time I crank the table up to where I can groom without scrunchin' in the middle the dog is over 3 feet off the floor. So yeah I use safety devices.
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                  YES, I use them no matter what you want to call them, otherwise the dog can just get up and take the flying leap. I ALWAYS keep a free hand on the dog for safety sake!!!


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                    A friend of mine had her pom. in her arms, it jumped and landed on its head/neck. As of right now, they may be euthanizing it within the week. My table is slightly above waist high, so not that much shorter of a distance. A jump/fall from that height can be fatal... heck, a fall from a shorter distance can be fatal. Therefore, my dogs are always restrained with a loop. My perfect dogs are not snubbed up tight to the neck, but there is still very little slack in the rope itself (meaning the part from where it hooks to your table to the part where it meets the dog), only where I snub it. Too much slack will allow the dog to test his boundaries, take one too many steps the wrong way, or whatnot and he's off the table. But I don't like having it snubbed tight if they're good, just enough where they know. My bad dogs are snubbed tight, still with minimal slack in the rope, and my hands on them the whole time.

                    I could explain the 'They zigged when I zagged and I accidently nicked Fluffy' to my clients and I think they would understand. They would NOT understand 'I was trying to be nice and give him some breathing room, but --insert a PC way of saying you weren't paying 100% attention to Fluffy's intentions here-- and he fell/jumped. The vet is doing all he can, but Fluffy still isn't responding'. So, better safe than sorry, I say.


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                      grooming loops

                      I always use two for safety purposes. One around head & the second around waist to alleviate any pressure on the trache. I learned my lesson when I had "very well behaved" clients early on in my grooming career. This is one of those very rare occasions one can not plan for........I was in the very modernerized back room of the vet's office with a sheltie on my table and in walks the vet tech with a small boy yelling "DOGGIES!!". Well the sheltie jumped off table & hit the ground with her jaw first causing one of her teeth to get knocked loose with the blood & all. Needless to say the boy, the dog & myself were quite tramatized !! TWO Loops from that day forward !!!


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                        I don't always use it. I've had dogs take flying leaps even with it on (!). I've had over 100lb. beasts try to leap from the table to the tub and me catching them in mid air....OMG! So, I think it is a judgment call based on the dogs temperament. If I have a fidgety dog I absolutely use it. Too fidgety and it's the GH. Some dogs are elderly or blind and it helps me keep them on the tabe. Some dogs I cannot use it on due to trachea or other problems. Just depends on the dog.
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                          Methinks this is a double post

                          Dear Groomers,

                          Hangmans noose of Safety Loop?

                          Wikipedia says, "A noose is a loop at the end of a rope in which the knot slides to make the loop collapsible. Knots used for making nooses include the running bowline, the tarbuck knot, and the slip knot.

                          There are grooming nooses that are a slip type real nooses like the cable ones etc and I will not use a noose.

                          Grooming loops are not a slip-knot but a sized collar and cannot tighten and use the pet weight to get tighter. A noose is not a loop but for some reason groomers started calling it a noose.

                          I was there when we went from short hair in the early sixties to long hair and when we went from nooses to loops. I would get tongue-tied and call them noops or looses.

                          Then there are Safety-Loops like the Groomers Helper® loop. Patent Pending it together with the Groomers Helper® actually relieves the tension on the pet's trachea and transfers any pressure to the sides and back of the neck allowing the pet to react to it's tightest/loosest position and self position themselves, comes with a positive holding cam-loc that will not slip, a quick-release in case of emergency. The release is incorporated with a Groomers Helper® on the arm and a swivel Panic Snap at the top of the loop and has multiple releases (3). A noose has no release.

                          Can you ever be too safe? Why use a seat belt? Why use a halter on a horse? Murphy's Law states, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." or "If anything can happen it will happen". No one can beat it but you can be prepared for it to lessen the consequences.

                          Not wearing your seatbelt's consequences is going through the windshield or being thrown out of the vehicle. Wearing it virtually eliminates it. The accident is still going to happen but you and your loved ones will miss that going through the windshield and being thrown from the car thing. "It is a no brainer" and so is leashing a dog, looping a dog, leading a horse, etc. It gives you the control to react to the unthinkable.

                          I know there are some groomers who think they do not need one as they believe they are in total control. Like the customers who walk their dogs without a leash because they think that their superior training and control will stop their pet from being hurt. One of my pet peeves is when they walk into the shop not being leashed with other dogs checking in.

                          What they do not realize is that seatbelts are not for your abilities but for the idiot who hits you and a leash is not for your dog but for the dog that attacks your dog and you will not be able to intervene to save the consequences to your pet.

                          A loop does the same thing. For you who do not use a loop you are an accident waiting to happen and there is no way you can avoid it as your odds are counting down. With a loop you virtually eliminate those odds.

                          It is better to be safe then sorry.

                          Happy Thanksgiving to all.