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Geesh, Just When I Thought Cash

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  • Geesh, Just When I Thought Cash

    was a good idea. I took my cash and checks to the bank this afternoon an the teller says . "This 10 is counterfeit!~ WHAT? Then she takes it and I got nuthin'. LOl I had her make a copy front and back and took it back to the grocery store where I was yesterday. My receipt says change $10.39.

    They didn't want to give me another $10. asked for the bad one. NOOOO, the bank has it and this is the copy front and back. I think it is their responsibility to check them. Anyway, they gave me a good one and I bought more stuffing ingredients for tomorrow. Now we gotta check every $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100! The ten I had was smooth, no ridges in Hamiltons' coat no gold 10 that changed like a hologram,and no other face on the right when held up to the light. Did ya ever notice that the back right of his hair looks like a monkey? really, look, it's there.

    Sooooo, check your bills! The bank takes them and you get zip. Most cashiers do not check $10.
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