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    I asked 4Sibes to write a spin on the poem: Twas The Night Before Christmas. She liked what I have so far.....Maybe we can all ad a verse or two. and see what we come up with. It should be fun and funny. Shop or mobile. Groomer subject.
    this is what I have so far.

    T'was The Day Before Christmas and all thru the shop the shop was trimmin and fluffin that Standard Poodle top knot.

    Doggies all clean and excited, bein good in their cages, while the groomers worked hard for more than just wages.

    The stockings were hung by the counter with with pride. Each with it's name and some goodies inside.

    Princess and Gizmo, Molly, and Max. Holly, and Sasha, Duke, and Duchess and Jack. When suddenly out in the parking lot, there arose such a clatter.........

    I sprang from the table to see what was the matter. I, in my apron, my bather in hers, had just setteled in on a Bichon Frise. We'd been workin hard, but it had been a good day.
    Our feet were achin' and our heads spinning, but good ol dogs, these wonderful currs. I was brushing out a few of those little burrs.Then what to my wondering eyes should appear.....a jolly old elf and a Miniature Schnauzer with 8 tiny reindeer!

    ( you ad some or change it.)Since everyone is off tomorrow, just begin Friday or when you see this. Find the original verses by Google.
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