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Got my first Client

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  • Got my first Client

    Although I am not sure she was happy with the groom. It was a poodle. There wasn't much to cut on this dog. I shaved the feet, face, and tail area and ofcourse did a sanitary clip as the client ask and then I used a 5f on the body. The dog looked great but the client said she as she was leaving that I should have taken more off. Oh well I told her I would make a note and I guess I will use a 7f on the body next time. The dog was a real wiggle worm too and very difficult to do. I wish my first client would have been a bit happier but I am sure it could have been much worse. 1 down many more to go. I hope. LOL.

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    Congrats on your first client! My first client bit me when I had never been bitten in over 2 years of grooming lol. Of course as soon as I open my own shop I become doggie food! I hope you are blessed with many more clients.
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      Awwww...that was just a little "test" we sent your way.

      Happy to passed w/ flying colors!

      Now git on to the business of grooming the real dogs for the real clients. The slugs w/ complimentary owners!
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