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OT- Have a happy Thanksgiving

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  • OT- Have a happy Thanksgiving

    I hopr all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Although it is my least favorite holiday I'm glad my brother is coming home to visit.
    Anybody doing black friday this year?

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    Why your least favorite holiday? It is one of my favorites because you get the whole family gathering, feast thing without the added pressure and expense of gifts. Now Christmas...that stresses me out. I always enjoy Christmas once it arrives but the couple weeks leading up to it are just difficult for me.


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      This year we're all doing our own thing, no big family gathering. Thanksgiving was my moms favorite holiday and it just hasn't been the same without her, so this year we all decided to just cook for our own families. I actually enjoy that part, I do all the cooking and then get to have left overs. Plus I get to make things the way I like them. My 14 pound turkey is thawed and ready and today I'm making the pies, so I'm all set. I'm working black Friday so I doubt I'll be out shopping!
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