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Replacing the top of a grooming table?

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  • Replacing the top of a grooming table?

    At work I have two tables, a stationary one (my own, given to me by a friend) in the bathing room and a hydraulic table in the grooming room. The rubber matting on the hydraulic one is starting to come up around the edges and the clamp tends to come loose very easily because the wood is dented from it being tightened really tight. Anyways, I don't really have any tools except a hammer and screw drivers, but is there a way to replace just the top? Or can you buy just the top? I don't know what brand it is, its oval shaped. lol

    I forget who posted it, but thanks to the person who posted about painting the top because that reminded me to post this.

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    I took mine to the Rhino-lining place for truck beds and he sprayed on a new top and it lasts forever, cleans great and comes in colors.


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      Plexi, how much did that cost?


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        Plexi that is a great idea. you members are always helping us to save money. On DIY projects. I covered my table with vinyl from the craft store it looked like leather has roses embossed on it. I just glued and stapled.


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          Sorry, I an't rememer how much it cost but if you know me, it was that much!!


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            Maggy, you can go to any boat supply place and they sell marine vinyl, it is sticky like contact paper but sticks 10x better and has just the right amount of texture, plus you can the color.

            I bought a role to use in our DIY (for the ramps) it was like $50 for a whole role but you can buy much smaller pieces for your table top (probably about $15).