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RE: Furunculosis or Deep Skin Infection

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  • RE: Furunculosis or Deep Skin Infection

    Actually my GSD was DX and treated for this approx. 2 years ago post Furminator bath and raking. I was not aware of nor had I heard anything about it prior to this incident and yes I am a groomer and my GSD was groomed at my own shop.

    The next afternoon after her bath (which she had had many times) she became lethargic, would not eat, could not get up from her bed in her crate. She had diarehha and vomited. I took her temp and it was 106. We went immediately to Emergency Vet. They had her in ICU for 3 days and many tests including ultrasound. When she was shaved entirely around her midsection for ultrasound they discovered the rash which could not be seen through her dense coat.

    She did nearly die, the vets there agreed that it had been from stimulating the coat with the Furminator tool after the bath. We sterlize all our tools brushes and combs, etc. in Barbicide jars at night. We do not premix shampoos we have a shampoo system and she was not handled roughly or raked inappropriately.

    The vet said that Deep skin infections can happen at anytime for no apparent reason. It was just one of those getting a cut on your finger that gets infected.

    It did not change the way we handle her or any of the customers that have come in since then. She still gets Furminated and has never had another problem.