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If you want to feel a bit of Heaven, call Tim Love.

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  • If you want to feel a bit of Heaven, call Tim Love.

    Hahaha .. Well I had to top my marriage proposal last time he sharpened my stuff.

    I got my stuff back from Tim today... Years and years ago I had bought a pair of 10 inch Gators. They were completely useless pretty much from the day I got them. They cut terrible and bent the hair. I had them sharpened twice with no improvement to I tossed them in the bottom of my draw and that is where they have sat for years.

    When I was getting my order ready for Tim this time I saw them at the bottom of my draw with all my other old dull equipment. I figured, wth. Ill try one more time to have them sharpened and if they dont work, they are going to the paper cutting draw. Well... Of course I got them back.. and had all teeny tiny dogs today. Darn. I really wanted to try them. Im here to say, "Becareful what you wish for!" No sooner had I wished that I had a big dog to try my newly sharpened scissors on when in walks one of my standard poodle and shitzu clients. Huh? they didnt have an appt today. Well they insist they do. I look in my computer and they have 4 week appts booked out for the next 4 months.. except this month.. I conclude Dang it the computer erased their appt!!!! So I had to take them. (2 more dogs, one a standard ontop of the ten I already had!)

    Anyway .................... Long story short (TO LATE) I tried out my 10 inch gators and I was in HEAVEN!!!!! They worked!!!! It took me about half the time to scissor her with those nice long shears .. I loved them!!!!!!!!!!! Tim my 10 inch Kamasori's are coming your way!!!! They came to me not working very well either. I thought it was me not knowing how to use big scissors.

    Im telling you, if you have shears you have given up on, give them one more chance and send them to one of the blade [email protected]!!!! ( Ive never used Jeff but I hear just as good stuff about him )

    Thanks Tim.

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    When I first read the title of this thread, I thought it would be more appropriate if written on the girl's bathroom walls, LOL.

    Tim and Jeff are both AWESOME if you want your stuff sharpened and sent back in good repair! I couldn't be happier! I wont send my things to be sharpened anywhere else.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate