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  • Skunk-Off?

    I keep seeing the ad in GTG for Skunk-Off, and wonder if any of you have used this. Sounds too good to be true...but maybe?? I just know my number's gonna be up shortly for my kids getting skunked. Can you imagine 3 cockers with coat coming in at 10:00 reeking of skunk? That would be an all-nighter for sure! If it does as advertised, I would order some for retail-I don't do fresh skunk dogs. (Unless they're mine)
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    I was wondering the same thing about the skunk-off.
    I was at work the other night and one of the nurses I work with had the night off so she called me all upset because her cat got skunked. She asked me what to do but I couldn't remember what I read in here awhile back. So i asked the secretary to get in this website and find the thread for me. I called my friend back and told her what to do but haven't heard from her because I been off for a couple days and won't be back to work until monday. I just hope it's good news! lol That's why I love this site, it's there when you need it.


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      I had a customer bring in two shelties that were skunked the night before and she had an 8oz bottle of Skunk-off that she wanted us to use. It took the whole bottle to do both dogs and worked pretty good. Personally on my own dog I use the peroxide/baking soda/dawn detergent mix and I think it works perfectly.


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        It has a real perfumy smell and I had a client complain that it smelled worse than the skunk smell.
        I had to go back out and re-wash the dog to get the skunk-out off.
        Perioxide mix works much better and has a more neutral smell.


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          i din't think the product was very effective. it seems to simply mask one smell with another. the dawn/ baking soda mix is what i use in the truck or tell people by phone when they call. there is a short period of time that if you do it immediately, you can get rid of the odor entirely. i always tell people to throw out the collar. they are cheap and very difficult to get the odor out.
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            I've used it in the past. The problem has always been that the pet owner tried to de-skunk the dog at home first, and all they accomplish is spreading the skunk oil over a greater portion of the dog, and setting it in the coat. So I never had the opportunity to treat a dog that hadn't already been washed.

            Personally, I haven't found anything that works better than the peroxide mixture. They even did a segment on MythBusters about this, and they didn't find anything that works better than the peroxide mixture, either.


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              I requested the sample & finally got to try it last week.

              It smells better than most skunk shampoos, but that isn't saying much! It's perfumey. I have to say though, I was not very impressed with it. I had to use the entire 8oz bottle on a beagle sized dog. I let it sit on him for 15 minutes, washed his head several times with the Skunk-Off, and still had to revert back to the baking soda/peroxide/Dawn to get the smell off.


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                I read in a magazine review the Nuhemps skunk remover was really good, anyone tried that?