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Im furious!! (Long)

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  • Im furious!! (Long)

    Im furious and im not sure if I should be. During the week in my salon, I only work mornings. I work with the same bather everyday because she also likes to work mornings. I have a difficult time working with her because shes 7 months pregnant and requires special treatment. Im not getting into that, because it has nothing to do with why im upset.
    On Tuesday, an hour before I was leaving, a walk in bath comes in. I dont get commission for baths, so I wouldnt normally take him. He is my regular though, and he requests me. I dont have anything to do, so I take him in. I leave at 1 and he picks up at 1:05. He always leaves me a tip of 5 dollars, without fail. When this happens, they put it with my business card and into my drawer if I am not there. The bather was staying 30 minutes after me, so she would be releasing my dog.
    Wed. morning I come in. An hour and a half after we start working, I ask her if he left me a tip. She says," Uh, yeah but I took it home because I was going to give it to you today.". I said fine and I keep grooming. She starts talking to me about a fight that her and her boyfriend got into last night. It was... bad. Its always bad, her boyfriend has come in and yelled at her in front of all of us before. I dont offer advice, because everyone there does. Then she tells me that he didnt have money for McDonalds this morning, so she gave him my tip! I said, "You gave your boyfriend my tip money?" She says yes but that Friday she will pay me back. Offers no apology. She then says... It was only two dollars, does he normally give you two dollars? She went to the restroom 30 minutes later and came back with 2 dollars. I thought she didnt have it?? I called the dogs owner to thank him just like I always do and I could tell she was nervous. She asked what he said and I said, oh nothing.

    Im furious. Its 2 dollars, and its not like I need it, but the way she can just do what she wants with my money upsets me. Should I be upset, since she did give me back the money? I couldnt tell her anything because I was so upset. What would everyone else have said? Am I overreacting? Sorry its so long.

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    Are you overreacting---I THINK NOT!!!!!

    What kind of person would take tip money, admit it and then admit that she gave to her loser boyfriend who obviously has anger management issues?!!!

    I would talk to her again about this situation and explain to her that in the future, she is not to touch your tip money. Period...end of story.

    It may have only been two dollars, but next time it will be $20...


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      I'm furious

      We groomers work very hard for our $. I would think about getting a different bather. Is she on drugs or her "friend"? I work in a vet clinic and they make sure I get each and every tip. They all know how hard I work.
      I would bathe the dog once, since I don't get paid for it, but not in the future.



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        I would've been mad too.

        Your upset because it's principal here and that was irrisponsible whether it was $5 or 500. I think what the upsetting part is, if you didn't ask- she would've never mentioned it....

        So obviously there is no trust there. I would also tell management because she can't be trusted with money. But I would just politely tell her that if one of you is not there and one of you receive a tip, tell her you want her to put it in your drawer, and you will do the same for her as well.


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          You have every reason to be furious. The amount of money isn't the point. You gotta wonder how many other tips she may have taken from clients that you don't know as well.


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            I don't think your over reacting at all. I would be so ticked off! Even though it was only $2 she had no right to bring your tip home with her OR give it to her bf for his breakfast!! She might be going through a rough time but that is just wrong! Honestly, it sounds like the man tipped you his usual $5 and she said it was only $2 because she knew that was all she had to give back to you. I'm not sure what I would have said to her. I guess there is no point in screaming at her. Maybe just ask her to leave your tips in a specific place next time and don't take them home. lol...what the heck was she thinking??


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              Re:So furious

              The way I see it is it's not the dollar amount at issue, it's the fact that she took something that wasn't hers and used it for her own gain. It's wrong no matter tha amount. I'd be mad, too. You need to let her know that you won't accept that behavior any more, it's stealing no matter how you look at it.


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                I would be mad too. Make sure you tell her where to put tip money. Then I would also tell her that you don't appreciate the fact that she gave your money to her boyfriend. Be honest. You can tell her without being the bad guy.
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                  I have had coworkers take my tips before, but what took the cake was the owner stealing all of my tips!


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                    You'd only be overreacting if it were about the $2. It's not about the $2, it's about someone TAKING YOUR TIP HOME and then GIVING IT AWAY, money that is yours, that you worked for, and they treated you like you owed them something.

                    I would have been bugged too. I wonder, too, if she is lying about the amount?

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      Is it your salon or do you work there?? I ask because if she is taking money from you, she may be stealing from the boss and could blame you for the theft. I would have went to the boss and had him/her deal with it.


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                        I was bothered about the way she went about this also. I bet if you didn't ask about the money she would have forgotten she "borrowed" it. The girls at my shop will borrow money on occasion out of our "petty cash" fund but they always leave a note if I am not there to ask.

                        It would make me very leery if I noticed money (no matter the amount) was missing, there was no mention of it or no note and when I asked them about it they said, "oh yeah I needed it to.....". That makes it sound more like she was caught taking it and made a story up. I wouldn't make a real big deal about it though, just in case her intentions wern't bad. Just politely ask her to put your tips in the drawer from now on and to ask if she needs to borrow some. (hopefully she will never ask)
                        SheilaB from SC


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                          Stealing your tip isn't any different than taking money from your purse, or stealing from the till. If she's willing to do it once, she's willing to do it again, and has probably done it in the past. I'd make sure the powers that be are aware of it.

                          I worked as a waitress when I was just out of high school. Stealing tips not only got you fired, it earned you a beat down in the parking lot. And you could be pretty sure no one was going to know a thing about it if the cops were called.


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                            I would be very mad. She is a dishonest person. Not the best co-worker or employee. I would not have respect for this person and would not want to be around her. No excuse for this. I don't think an apology could make it right. The damage has been done.


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                              I would be mad too. There was one client that always tipped $20.00 it was a big long haired great pyreenes and I mean longer than normal hair. Anyways I did the dog but they always picked up late so I was gone when they picked up. The next day they said they didn't know if they left me a tip but the drawer was over. So they called the client and asked them how much she tipped and she was like"well I didn't leave a tip, but tell the groomer I will be by today to give her her tip"
                              I was mortified, this client prob though I was psycho. I didn't expect the front desk to call her and say wheres my money fool! lol I never expect tips I just appreciate them when I do get them. I hope she didn't think them calling was my idea. I just wanted them to figure it out if they tipped or didn't. GRR

                              But $2 bucks or not it is your reward. I know one groomer that bought a boat with all of his saved tip money for 5 years.