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My friend with allergies is getting a dog

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  • My friend with allergies is getting a dog

    My best friend is adopting an Airedale. Looks like a good specimen to me. And she loves dogs and wants to keep him clean as possible.

    Based on his pictures it looks as if he's never been clipped yet, he's 5 months old. If I handstrip, card, and use my coat kings, thinning, and scissor him neatly, with some clipping of face and ears, will that be better than clipping the body for her allergies? Or does that not really matter as long as he stays as clean as possible?

    She does have environmental allergies, but supposedly pets are not an allergen for her. But I think many dogs bring the pollen in with them and cause attacks.

    So a few baths each month, or even weekly might be necessary for her. Luckily I live right down the street from her and I can just park my grooming van and then go get him.

    So what do you think?

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    My mom is allergic to almost everything, thankfully only mild to dogs. We have had Pulik, Corgis, Bouviers,a Foxhound, a Cocker, a Whippet, a Aussie and a Poodle. And she hasn't had a problem with anybody.

    They get bathes about every 10-14 days. Right now with the pollen, mold and dust counts up their getting bathed every week, and those that can be short are short (cuts down on the amt of **** they bring in.)

    Try handstripping but if her allergys act up then I'd recommend clipping
    Never gonna know if you never even try