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  • ? Weird Heat Question ?

    My neighbor has a very old schnauzer who has not been fixed. They also have a little tiny yorkie that was fixed about six months ago. The yorkie is either one year or just under. Lately, the old schnauzer has been acting like the yorkie is in heat. It is driving her crazy. Any comments?

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    Maybe they should have some blood work done on the Yorkie to see if there was a piece of ovarian tissue left behind. I know of at least one case where a bitch had to have a second surgery because the first vet missed an entire ovary and she kept having "heats" because of it.


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      Mounting can also be a sign of dominance. Why isn't the old guy neutered anyway??
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        my old sch, sparkle, had to be spayed twice, she came back into heat, the vet said i had spayed her to close to her cycle. so her hormones were mixed up. i said "what, never heard of that" 6 months later she is in heat again, changed vets, the first vet had left a piece of ovary. so it happens.


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          I have sen spays done...

          I can't imagine. I saw it done at humane society in SF bay area. They cut, scoop out Y shape ovaries uterus with a hook and snip off . Stitch quick and stick it back, sew up. Dr. Bonnie was young and did so many, she did the little dogs in 10 minutes. Honest!


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            Another thing to be concidered is a U.T.I.

            I speak of this from experience! My GSD was 16 months old and not fixed, I boarded her at a friends house (German dog club president and he was also a schnauzer breeder) I cam back from a state side visit and he told me My girl was in heat His male was sniffing up her Hoo Ha and trying to mount her every time she would pee.

            I thought how strange she just had a full heat 1 month ago, So i made a vet appointment and the vet first said O.k maybe she is having a second heat , but try to get me a urine sample so we can check hormones. Lucky for me she had to pee before we left the vets office I got the sample, he checked it and sure enough she had crystals in her urine creating an infection. She showed No signs of an infection! No straining to pee, no accidents! We had no clue!