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  • Got bit for the first time

    Last week a woman came in for the first time with her 2 shih-tzus. I was finishing up a dog as she was filling out the paperwork, then I walked into the waiting area to talk to her about what she wanted for the haircuts. I noticed that 1 of the dogs have significant hair loss on his back, so I walked toward the dog and pointed at the spot to ask her what happened. Well no sooner did I come within 2 feet of the dog and he jumped up and grabbed my hand in his mouth! He broke the skin and left teeth marks all over my hand. And the owner just chided him “oh Major!” I just looked at her as I inspected my hand and asked her if he was always like that at the groomers. She told me no, but that you just can’t approach him like that. Not sure why she didn’t mention this before I came out there, but again I didn’t even get near him before he lunged at me. I normally wouldn’t approach a dog from above but I wasn’t going to touch him, I was just gesturing to his back. Regardless, based on his demeanor I’m pretty sure he is like that with anyone. After the bite he stood across the waiting area showing me all his teeth.

    Anyway, I told her I would groom the one dog but not the other. She tried to convince me he was just "fiesty" and would be ok, but I told I'm sorry, I do not groom aggressive dogs. I also asked if she brought her paperwork for the shots and she said no, but that my vet referred her over and they were both up to date. Turns out my vet who I’ve been going to for YEARS referred her to me. So after she left I called them to verify the shots and tell them that cujo bit me, and the vet tech told me that he bit one of the other techs last time he was there! Hello? How about at the very least a courtesy call to warn me about this dog? I told her that going forward please do not refer dogs to me with a history of aggressive nature.

    Ugh. I am amazed at the irresponsible behavior of some dog owners. And she was a police officer. You would think she had some sense but I guess not.

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    Alot of owners are very nonchalant about the fact that their dogs are flaming butt-heads! It's like they think it's part of our job to be bitten....sheesh!

    Well, so you've gotten your first bite out of the way, anyhow. ;-) I've been nipped many times over the past 22 years doing this- I say 'nipped' because I don't think I ever really knew what a BITE was until last year. I was nailed by an elderly Lab losing his eyesight that thought my hand was another dog's nose reaching into his food dish- he grabbed my right hand and shook it a bit, with all the sound effects thrown in. Then he realized it was NOT another dog- talk about a look of utter dismay on a dog's face!

    He punched a hole through the thick muscle of my palm where your attaches, and the top of my hand was crushed- right hand. It immediately swelled up to the size of a tennis ball from all of the blood vessels being broken. I've gotta say, I've never been in so much pain in my life. I got a ride to the hospital, and was still rocking back and forth in the chair from the pain while they were getting my info in the ER. You know how when you get hurt, the pain starts to subside after afew minutes, so it's at least at a tolerable level? Well, it wasn't like Seven months later, and my hand still isn't quite right.
    I missed a week of work, and I'm left-handed!

    My only point is I think that alot of times when we think a dog has just done his best to really hurt us, he in fact hasn't, and there is still alot of bite inhibition going on alot of times. Be glad it was a Shih, not much mouth to get ahold of you too well, and not a really big dog! ;-)

    I would have told the woman to tell her story walking, too.


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      I can't believe you did the one! I think I would've said sorry, especially after just getting bit. I hate that sick adrenaline feel right after a bite, it's like a car crash rush...yuck! Hope it heals quickly and cleanly.
      No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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        Sorry you got bit. How is you hand? Did you need to go the dr.?

        Glad you sent that dog on its way. No call to have to do a dog that has already tasted you. Hopefully the owner will know to tell the next groomer that he is a biter.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          Sorry You Got bit.

          Now you are a member of the club.That is what they told me when I fell from a horse that stumbled.


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            Sorry you got bit. I had that happen once with a poodleX. She was very nasty for dematt and any brushing around her face and head tried to eat me alive and of course the customer didn't want her shaved.

            It was her first visit and the first thing the lady says is "she's a little nippy, maybe I should of gave her a tranquilizer'.

            UH OH!! red flag so I went really slow and did what I could working slowly with matts and shaving out what I couldn't get (behind the ears etc). Her rear was really bad cause the lady had her all wrapped in a diaper and vet wrap because she had been licking her tummy.

            She had finally calmed down enough after her bath and when finishing and wasn't acting like a tornado with teeth so I thought we had made some progress.

            When I brought her out to the lady, I explained that she wouldn't be getting ANY dematting in the future and that if she came in with any significant matts they will be shaved because even the slightest dematting sets her off the deep end. "She doesn't let me brush her face at home." DUH.

            I put the dog on the floor and like you was pointing to the area of the rear that was flattened out and matted due to the diaper wrap she was wearing, tellng the customer that the reason that area was so... bad was due to what she had wrapped around her and in the future to get some cream from the vet to help with itching and bam the dog turned around and went for my arm, but luckily it missed.

            This lady just went Oh sweetie, weetie, honey bunny. P*** me off. Kinda making the dog think it was ok to lunge at me.

            The second time the lady came in I asked her to put the dog on the floor and I'll just grab the leash and I waited until the lady left and then picked up the dog, I didn't do any dematting and I made it through the whole groom without the muzzle and I left her in a bottom cage with the leash hanging out and didn't try and touch her in front of her owner and we got along just fine. Sometimes dogs are just fresh with their owners around but better once they leave.

            It is almost impossible to explain to people about not "encouraging the dog" but speaking to it all cutsie right after it tries to bite.