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  • Schnauzer Anals

    It seems that schnauzer anals are hard to reach or feel. It seems like I have a harder time expressing their anal than any other breed. Any advice on this?

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    Schnauzer Anals

    firmly grasp the tail and hold it up this will help you get to the glands a little easier. If the dog is too chubby, portly, or just plain old fat, it is almost impossible to get at the glands. I will then tell the owner that the dog needs to go to the vet for an internal expressing. Maybe the owner will decide to put Fido on a diet.


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      Do you think the reason is because their very short tails don't allow us to hold the tail up to feel for them? I always have this problem on dogs with tails docked so short, it's as if you can hold the tail up that the body pulls the glands further out so you can reach them. If that makes any sense.


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        It's partly the very short tails, and partly that they're usually so fat. On some of these dogs I can't even find the glands, much less express them. It doesn't matter what breed it it, short, short tail+fat butt= trip to the vet for internal expression.

        The worst part about it is that the very short tail dock often damages nerves and muscles, making natural expression much more difficult, so these dogs are usually the ones that need expressing the most.