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Go ahead, MAKE HIS DAY!!! lol

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  • Go ahead, MAKE HIS DAY!!! lol

    This is Abe and contrary to this demonic looking photo he is a very sweet boy. Abe is a grinner and I took this pict at just the right moment. Abe used to come in every 2 wks for a groom, but his Momma is at the end of a difficult pregnancy where she was bed ridden. She got her hubby to bring Abe in last week and it he hasn't been in since Christmas. Just wanted to share!
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    SheilaB from SC

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    Too funny SheilaB!! The before pic looks like he's about to take your hand off...Then the after pic apparently shows his true swweet. Cute pics! He looks great...NICE groom!!! Thanks for sharing!


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      awe hes a smiley dog! where i worked at we had one of those...a lil border x. he would smile and smile! we'd go...oreo smile! and he would! so adorable! then another dog that was totally freaked came in for nails...and he was a smiler too! i just love those dogs! its so adorable!
      ps. he's saying...comon...brush my pearly whites! arent they pretty!


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        That is so cute! Nothing is funnier then a dog that makes that face and he's not mad. I love it!!


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            We have several smilers where I work. One of them is a Golden/Pyr cross. She has the Golden color and coat, but she has the body and head of the Pyr. Beautiful dog, BIG teeth. If we forget to tell new employees about her grinning, she scares the beegeebees out of them.


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              That first one reminds me of the cocker I groomed, "Spunky," remember the photo I posted? It's now on the Groomers Helper website, lol.

              I think Abe was just ticked that his hair is up on a pony tail on top of his head---how girly is THAT?!

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                My Aussie, Sofia smiles and when I first got her I thought it was SO COOL! I ahve 4 of her daughters and 3 out of 4 of them also smile. 2 not as big as her, but that 3rd one is a SMILING FOOL! She rarely stops smiling. :-)

                I have checked with people that have other pups from her and most say theirs also smile, just none that do so like Ginger.

                There are benefits to having 8 aussies..............entertainment. LOL


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                  He came out great! I'm sure his Mom was thrilled.