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I knew I had a reason to hate mondays...

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  • I knew I had a reason to hate mondays...

    Okay, let me be more correct, I know what to do, but with so many chiefs above me, I hardly have a say in what happens and that chaps. Here's the story: About a month ago, I hired a new bather. In her interview she was warm, friendly, outgoing and spoke clearly(which may not be a problem for some but, I can't seem to locate people that can articulate anything). She was in her 40's which was good, I thought. At first, she seemed normal. I was so happy. I thought I'd found a bather that could make a difference that could be relied on to do the job as it should be done. As time went by I started noticing little things like how unbelievably slow this woman was. It took her over 8 hours to do 11 bath dogs, no cut, baths only. 20 minutes tops maybe. Then came the lateness. Almost daily, she calls and is having car trouble or sitting in traffic. I'm still trying to find new bathers and having no luck while all this is going on. After about 3 weeks I noticed this woman still hasn't learned our simple check in process. Finally, I found 2 potential new hires and have them pushed through. Now I scheduled her 1 day a week and she's mad. Too bad! Now, in my salon we have lost things but they have always been located quickly. Not now. Several pieces of equipment belonging to different groomers are missing, several blades, curved shears, thinning shears, locking hemos and 4 pairs of toenail clippers. I just happened to overhear that my bather has a daughter that is a new groomer with a nearby store, so I called the salon manager there and asked her to have a look for the missing stuff, never believing it'd be found. It was. almost every piece with engraved initials filed away. The hemos were a dead giveaway because there are 3 pair that I see daily due to the fact we got them at the pet fair and they were very unique. I am sick about this. I actually liked this woman and she betrayed all of us while we were doing our best to help her and overlooking the lack of intelligence she apparently lives with. Now how's that for a Monday.

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    id fire her! shes a theif!


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      That right there would do it. Fire her if you have proof that she is stealing. Lordy I hate a thief!!! In the past I have had suspicions about employees stealing but was never ever to prove it. W/that kind of evidence I would have no problems kicking her ass to the curb!
      SheilaB from SC


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        I'm with you Mary. Zero tolerance for stealing, which unfortunately is just the last straw with this woman. You obviously can't trust her. That sucks...just when you thought you found someone who might make a difference.

        Hope the 2 new ones don't disappoint!!

        Hang in there Allick!


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          I work once where there was this really bad employee, she scream at the supervisors, never complet her work as directed, no shows, tardiness, bad with customers anyway you name it, but she never was fired, I don't understand, why people keep giving chances to bad employees, just fire her and fix your problems specially during the first 90 days it is so easy just say you are not working out, and go, while we keep giving them chances we are encourage the good employees to become bad


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            Slow at the job?, I'd probably sympathize because I'm a slow groomer. Chronic lateness all the time? Not gonna fly in this business. Stealing stuff? FIRED!


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              did you fire her? I'd take her to court as well.


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                I'd not only fire her, but I'd call the police and press charges as well. This would INFURIATE me.


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                  I'm sorry to hear about the clepto. Are you getting your stuff back? I hope the person you spoke with at the salon is kind enough to allow you to get your things back. I'd be firing and threating to sue her and her daughter. I've had similar employees who took cash. One gal waited till I was on vacation and came in after hours and took all the cash at the end of the week and tried to put the blame on the working employees. Only a few people knew where the money was kept when I am not there. I dumped her and changed the locks.