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what a bad monday it was hope this week gets better

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  • what a bad monday it was hope this week gets better

    well the am started off good. but the way in it took me 2 hrs to get to work not sure why. Get to work and the frist 5 dogs were good. and the next one dog was good. got them done and the last dog comes in and I wash her and then put her in the cage to relaxe alittle. and dont u know it she just fell over call her help and rush her to the vet and they didnt everything they could, but couldnt bring her back. wow what a bad feeling that is. Call the owner and they came right over and they were soo nice and understanding. the vet said that they think she had a heart attack. they just couldnt bring her back. we were all crying in the room. and the owner kept on saying to feel bad you didnt do anything wrong. I am going to send her flowers and a card do u think thats a good idea?? wow makes you feel so bad.

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    So sorry to hear that. Was she old? I always worry about the worked up older dogs and I have a lot of them!


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      Sorry to hear that the dog didn't make it. Hope you are doing okay. I think sending flowers and a card would be a very nice idea. I use to work at a vet's and they would always send a single rose. It's also nice that the owners were understanding.


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        I'm sorry you had to go through that

        It is very upsetting to watch any pet pass away. I would probably just send a card and let them know your thinking of them. I hope you feel better about it tomorrow.


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          It's so hard when these things happen. But don't blame yourself. There wasn't a thing you could have done that would have changed the outcome. Even if you had a vet standing right there, and all the necessary equipment and drugs, it's doubtful anything would have happened any differently.

          We had a similar experience last week. The poor old dear went down, but was still breathing and alert when we got him to the vet. He still didn't make it. He was bleeding into his lungs, and there wasn't a thing they could do to save him.

          Unfortunately, dogs die. And sometimes they die at the groomers. It stinks, but its one of those things that is a part of life, and a part of the job.


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            thanks guy, she was 10 yr bull dog. I know its not my fault. THANKS AGAIN


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              Oh, I am so very sorry that happened to you, I would be in tears too! I'm sorry you had such a bad day!

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                So sorry this happened to you. Hope you are doing better now. What great owners this little dog had, to be so understanding and trying to comfort you.

                I have a few old dogs that I groom and I'm so worried that this is going to happen to me one day. I guess there is really nothing that we can do, if it's time for them to go, it's time.
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                  I am sorry this happened on you, must be a shock on all of you.


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                    Wow, what a hard thing. I'm sorry for you, for the owners, for the poor old dog. I know that if we groom long enough we will eventually see almost everything, including pets whose time has come and there is nothing we can do to change that. I sure dread having to deal with that situation. But tomorrow is a new day, and you can focus on all the pets you care for and make life better for.