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  • Family, Friends, Customers Jealous

    After just reading and posting in the thread "Grooming- A Reputable Career" I wanted to share my experience and see if anyone out there has had the same thing happen to them. After much poo-pooing about going to grooming school from my family and friends I finally have my van and am doing very well and am loving my job, I now detect some jealousy from the people around me. Even my own husband. There are so many perks to my job that are obvious to others- having the freedom in owning my business and van, working with animals, picking and choosing my customers and dogs, making good money, the creative thing going on, being my own boss, working hard but still having fun....etc. I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet Earth. This is why you should not let anyone stop you from following your dream. Has this been anyone else's experience?

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    [QUOTE=wet noze;30944] There are so many perks to my job that are obvious to others- having the freedom in owning my business and van, working with animals, picking and choosing my customers and dogs, making good money, the creative thing going on, being my own boss, working hard but still having fun....etc.

    Why wouldn't they be jealous? Who could ask any more from their career than tHat?
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      Oh you have no Idea!
      Yes My husband was jealous! to the point of tellling me that I really didnt work! But also then complaining that I had no time for him!
      Also He didnt see that from right beforeThanksgiving weekend to right before Christmas I opted to work from 8:30 A.m until usually 6 P.m 7 days a week to squeeze everyone in before the holiday so I could then take off from Dec 22(his B day) until january 3rd when he had to go back to work from his army leave!!!!

      Then there is My sister!
      She had 2 very nasty dirty GSD's one with terriable skin problems and toenails so long his toes were deformed!! I of course offered to bath him and dremmel the toe nails (FOR FREE) He wont let you groom him! Hey sis I work for a living rehabilitating very scared dogs to enjoy grooming NO YOU CANT! HE WONT LET YOU! And besided I know how to do all that Myself!
      Yah O.k what ever then you deal with a dog that stinks to high heaven and you get black hands and fingers when you pet him!

      Oh yes I have delt with that!
      Also the jeliousy because I am a dog trainer and can get just about all dogs to repect me and love me and to do what I want with out being a bully!


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        I started one year ago, and am facing the same thing. From my mom and sisters. "My hobby" is doing well..LOL


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          My husband is jealous for that same reason as well, he ask will you hire me?
          I say no you don't want to learn to groom. I wish he did I think it would be fun to do this as a husband and wife team.


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            You must be doing something right

            When every is that jealous it means your getting it right and they can't stand it. I get jealous cause my husband loves his job(he's a truck driver) he goes to work does his job and comes home with no one bothering him, but I tell him I am striving to love going to work everyday as much as you do.

            I'm not at that point yet where it has all come together for me, but when it does and others get jealous, I'll go Yeah I've made it.


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              Such a compliment

              Thank them. I had someone close say to me, perhaps I might like to get a real job. Jeepers.

              In the dog show world the best compliment is back biting and rumors abounding about the terribleness of one's winning dog. Keep it up, it means success.

              BTW, one of my bred Brittanys owned by a dog show person just got his first group placing, a Group Three in the competitive Sporting group, at barely two years old. He's been winning the breed almost every time too. I expect lots of bad mouthing, hee hee. (yep tooting my own horn).
              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                My boyfriend says he completely supports me and my decision. Though, whenever we get in a fight he brings up, you and that dog grooming, like it's a bad thing. He make's it sound as though I'm wasting my time. I'm in the process of enrolling in school now. I can't wait till it's over and I'm making money doing something I love and I can rub it in his face.

                He does support me, I can't complain though. Just when we fight he gets mouthy on it.


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                  Family, friends, customers jealous

                  Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Been there. My husband tells me I need to get a real job. I work in a vet clinic and when I'm done, I get to go home. I'm not hourly and the doc knows that. Sometimes I'm off at 10:30 am. Then there are the times I'm too tired and achey to sleep thru the night.
                  Friends and family think it's nice easy work "playing" with the doggies and kitties. No sense even trying to explain it to them, I gave up years ago.



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                    I forgot to add my in-laws. Not one word of support throughout 9 months of grooming school. Not any congradulations when I graduated or got my van. I think they were the most mortified when I became a dog groomer. Did not feel like they were proud of me. I doubt they ran out to tell their friends about their daughter-in-laws new career. Now they can just go kiss my grits!


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                      I had a similar situation as some of the others, where my husband would say I don't have a "real" job and you can't call that working when you're home at 3 in the afternoon and when I was making min. wage as a bather in the beginning. I kept telling him well one day I will be a groomer, and that day came and I made lots more $$ and then he still would say it's not a "real" job just because I got home early. It's like geeze if I get done with all my dogs for the day then so what! Now I have my own shop and am still part time at my other grooming job so I am constantly working. I haven't heard anything about not having a "real" job lately, lol. I think he finally realized, hey maybe this is a REAL job, lol. As for respect from family and friends...most of them were supportive, didn't really put me down but also didn't really think much of it, but now that I have my own business I can tell they respect what I do.


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                        I'm lucky enought to have a bf, mother, and father who totally support and love what I do. As for the rest of my relatives, they think its compleatley ridiculous. I don't see them that much so I don't have to listen to their rude comments. All in all life is good. I love what I do and I'm proud of it!


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                          My family is very supportive of what I do, they always have been. My mother has always been a little delusional about how long it takes to groom a dog. She would call and say that dinner is going to be ready in 15 minutes can we finish up and go home? Mom!!! We are working!!My boyfriend is also real supportive. I have three days off.. Sat.,Mon.,and Thurs. and he still doesnt like me working that hard. My boyfriends family on the other hand...they love me. But I will never be what they call "successful". Doing what I do, I cannot possibly make enough money to be considered successful. In thier eyes at least.


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                            Been there many years.

                            When I told my parent at 19 I wanted to be a pet groomer (over 20 years ago) then said "No" you need a good paying job with benefits. My dad actually came home and told me to report to work the next day at his friends company.
                            It took me 20 years to realize my dream. Now I am so happy and content.
                            But I do spend a lot of time talking about dogs and I think that gets a little too much for my family. I have to remember to discuss other topics with them. It's not always about the dogs. (well, maybe it is... lol.)


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                              The only person who gives me any 'tude is my oldest sister, who has had two businesses, both of which failed in less than a year. She's never held a job for very long, and has always been one of those people who will never encourage anyone. It doesn't matter what the situation is, she only sees the negative, only expects a bad outcome, and gets great enjoyment out of predicting doom and gloom.

                              So why should I care what she thinks? She can think I'm a car if she wants to. It won't make me one.