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  • A bad day, too

    Today is Saturday, my first dog was a regular Westi who never wasn't good, but not bad enough for me to resign from him. My hubby bathed him then I was drying him on table, no matts, but he was trying to bit and my hubby came to hold him for me. The next thing I knew was my hubby had a hole on his right wrist, the dog bit him right on his vein, luckly not very deep, but he still bleed out a lot.
    I called the owner to pick up her dog asap. She came and said sorry, the dog was never bit before.... OK, I understood, then she offered to hold her dog for me to finish it. I told her I understood and believed what she said, but I was too frightened to touch her dog now. My hubby just show her his wrist, a big hole right on his vein and lot of blood, I was out of word. She said sorry again and went out. She didn't offer to pay for the nails and bath, and I didn't bother to ask. I don't know why, I need money to live, but I didn't feel like to say anymore words at the moment.
    My husband won't be able to work for the next 10 days or so, he also has to go to the Dr. first time monday morning. He said at least the bit wasn't on me, or we will be out of groomer for three weeks, since my wrist is really tiny.
    Someone please tell me why I felt so empty when things are like this.

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    That is really a bummer that your husband was injured. The least the woman should have done is offer to pay for the bath and nails. I understand that you were upset at the time and probably didn't feel like pursuing it but you should have charged her as well. If I were you I would send her a bill. If she's a decent human being she will pay it and maybe include a hefty tip as an apology. If she does you will feel better about the situation. If she doesn't you may be angry but angry is better than empty I think. I hope hubby heals fast.


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      Hmm, I'm not sure what to say about the lack of any payment.

      JJ, do you have a Groomers Helper? Have you ever looked into getting one. It is worth it, and then you wont have to ask your husband to help you, you can do it yourself.

      So he'll be out for TEN days? The doctor said 10 days? This is a long time, that is so hard. I hope he heals faster, I know it's hard to work alone.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        No money after all that? I would have made sure I got my money or call her later and say with all the things that went on I forgot to collect the money, you can drop by this week and pay me...thanks.
        What is the matter with people, if my dog would bit someone I would be sure to tell them I will pay the doctor bill too.


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          I need money, but I can live without asking her to pay, rather not to groom it again. I just upset about how people treat us sometimes, like we are realtors, who only get pay when the deal is done. My husband refused to see a Dr., that upset me too. In Canada, we all have medical care and he could/should just go to a walk-in clinic to check out, quick and free. Man, glad I am not one of them.
          Another owner saw his wound, she went to grab her husband ( a Dr.), the Dr. ensure me my husband wasn't going to die during the weekend, but told him to go to a clinic this week. 10 days off work is my guessing, wash dirty dogs won't do any good on his wound.


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            JJK, have your husband soak the wound in either a mixture of very warm water and betadine or very warm water and epsom salt. This should help draw out infection and reduce swelling.


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              That's too bad. Hope hubby is not in too much pain. I do know how you feel, tho. I have done the same thing if I can't or won't finish the groom. I think we feel as if we have failed somehow, and that's why we let it go with no money. Maybe this lady will feel really guilty, and drop off some cash next week.

              On another note, my very best groomer friend has a shop about 4 blocks from you. She has referred some clients to you, and said that you brought in a nice box of chocolates to thank her-but you rushed out, and she never got a chance to talk. That was very classy of you IMO-we're both impressed!!
              Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

              Groom on!!!


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                Karla, so the nice groomer is your friend, she is great, I always wanted to say thank you to her in person, but the day I only could parking illegally and there wasn't time to chat, she also had a dog on her table too. Please say hello for me next time when you talk to her.

                Tammy, I am looking around for a GH, I think I might put on an extra table for those special VIPs. Or I will just say no, no, no to those dogs. People in my area really treat pets like kids, no kidding, lots of them will go banana if they see their babies are fully tied up. Well, on the other hand, most dogs in my area are actually very very good, they get groom regulally, long walk everyday. Do you know where can I order a WH ( wife's helper ) so my husband has to listen to me? I hope he will go to the Dr. tomorrow.


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                  Send your client a bill asap. Explain in a short note that you were upset when she picked up the dog and overlooked her not paying. Include in the bill a number of a local vet that does grooming, so the dog can be tranq'd. Indicate you expect payment in 15 days from the adate on the bill, if not a surcharge will be added until the account is settled. Try to keep a cool head, I know it is emotional ,but business is business.


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                    GH in Canada

                    Hello! I have shipped [b]Groomers Helper[/b] to Canada before, but you guys get pounded on the tariff. So we are working with a distributor in Canada called [b]Ren's Pets Depot[/b]. They are great people and we will be in their at the upcoming Ontario Dog Groomers Association show on April 28 and 29, 2007.

                    Their website is

                    [i]See you in Ontario![/i]


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                      Just for the future. Even if I can't complete a groom because of a bite or the dog is naughty, I charge full price for the groom. This is not your fault, why should you be out the money.
                      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                        Baddog, you are absolutely right, but I will let this one go. The funny thing is, if she did offer to pay, I would have taken it and I would give the dog another chance to try. I can live without the B/B pay, rather than contact to this owner, even though she seemed to be understandable, and I could say something wrong b/c I am very upset about this.
                        About shipping to Canada, if the item is made in USA, than there is no duty for it. However, there is a borker's fee, and it isn't cheap. This is my own experience, usually I compare the exchange rate then add on fees to decide where to order. The GH price is still too high in CAD$, I will wait for a sale, but maybe I will fly to US to a big trade show and buy my whole year supplies there. If Geib is coming to the WA show, I will drive to buy a few pairs, that is for sure.
                        Hubby went to see the Dr. this morning, thanks god, he will be all right.
                        Thanks everybody, for those advises.