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  • Please...just shoot me now

    I have a lady coming in on Monday (I think) that has an 8 month old standard poodle who has NEVER been groomed. She says he is not matted. Yeah...right. Are you ready for this? She wants a COCKER CUT on him. I thought I had heard it all.

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    A cocker cut? Well, don't worry, just plop that dog on the table and take your comb over it or your HV dryer in front of the owner and show her all the mats. You'll surely be doing a shavedown, no?

    Helly once got a request for (get this), a collie in a TOWN AND COUNTRY clip! So I guess a poodle in a cocker clip is just as bad...yuck!

    Tammy in Utah
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      ok, Bang!


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        If you can make that Standard Poodle look like a Cocker, I want to see a picture. LOL!!

        Wow. I've done some weird things with my Standards just for general practice, but a cocker cut is not something that has ever crossed my mind.


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          Miracles do happen, but I haven't seen any lately.

          If you're able to do the cocker cut please take pics and post them. I'd be very interested in seeing what a st. poo looks like in a cocker clip.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            Pictures please....

            I don't think the best all around groomer prize winner at an Expo could do that trick! The only way I see is to have a poster cut outs of a cocker and attach these to sides of the dog,then finish with a halloween mask of a cocker on his face.The only other way is a digital picture of the poodle tech corrected to look like a cocker. Virtual reality. I have an old ad from a shampoo co. of several dog photos put together. Collie face, poodle middle, Springer legs, maybe one other. Digital, is the only solution., tell her.In this reality, it cn't be done.


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              Oh, it could be done it would just look very stupid!! Imagine clipping the St Poo's head from the dome and leaving a forehead fring. Ckr ears, 7 down the back, shave the tail. Scissor down the "skirt" to get rid of the puffies and use your thinners a lot. YUCK!!! Not a nice image. I really hope you can talk them out of it!!!
              SheilaB from SC


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                All I can say is people are strange

                LMAO - I think you should give her back a real cocker with the same color fur and she will think you are a magician and keep the Standard for yourself or someone who knows better.


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                  You can put the dog in a cocker pattern, but it's not going to look remotely like a cocker unless the dog has the worst poodle coat in the world. Talk about your hula skirts, lol.


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                    Don't forget about the long LEGS! Oh, it's going to look like a giraffe with a mini skirt on!

                    Tammy in Utah
                    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                      lmao! id do it..if it looks horrible then oh well thats what she wanted. id talk to the owner and you want cocker feet too? LMAO! and tell them that its going to look incredibly stupid and horrible but if thats what they want thats what you'll give them.


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                        Well, I have a feeling this one is either going to be a shave-down or it'll be an easy puppy-hair brush out, and the owner will realize how stupid this will look.

                        Please let us know how it goes, and if you DO get to do the cocker clip on it, take photos! I've gotta see this!

                        Tammy in Utah
                        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                          I figured that IF the dog isn't matted as she claims, I will warn her that it's going to look worse than awful. If she still wants it, I'll do it but only on the condition that she SWEARS not to tell anyone where she got it done! That's my biggest fear...a poodle wearing a cocker suit walking around town with MY name attached to it.

                          In my wildest dreams I cannot imagine what this woman is thinking! I'm praying that it's matted beyond salvation. But just in case it's not, I'll take the camera!


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                            EWWW! I can't imagine! But maybe she doesn't really want a traditional cocker cut. Maybe she just wants the legs left long and fluffy?? More of a teddy bear cut??? Can't wait to see this...and they say we're not magicians!
                            Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                            Groom on!!!


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                              I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, she thinks cockers get a full shave down??? Maybe she's only seen cockers short a/o? Let's hope for her sake, that's what it is. Or, maybe she means like a lamb clip, or T & C, cause she wants the legs longer, but doesn't even really see the skirts on cockers. I hope to goodness this is what's going on.

                              I'd show her a pic of a cocker first and double check to see if that's what she wants. And ditto on the telling her not to say who groomed him. Maybe after you say that, she'll get the picture.
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