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    If you haven't watched the video's on jeff & Tims website, you just have to.

    I realized that I didn't know how to wash and oil my blades right. No wonder I have so much trouble. Also, I never knew how to properly clean out the pivot point of my shears.

    I also learned what convex and serrated shears are about, I think I've been so confused- the videos were helpful there. I'm trying to learn more about caring for my blades and also trying to learn more about the care of our clippers. Now I'm getting ready to send them my items to be sharpened, I can't wait to get back on track with my blades.

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    Thanks for the info on the Bladeguyz

    After lots of news on the forum of the Bladeguys, I sent my stuff off. Broken hindge and dull blades. They are super sharp and love it. They are like brand new. I'm amazed and very pleased they have self help videos to make my work easier. Thanks for the post.