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Laube Clippers (old school) battery question

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  • Laube Clippers (old school) battery question

    I got my first laube clippers a month ago. They were the one's I've been drooling over at the supply store for years. They're pink (old school) with a matching charging station. But I have a stupid question.

    How long does the battery take to charge, and how long does the battery stay charged (running time)?

    This clipper was a store display for 5-6 yrs (can't be sure how long). When i put the battery pack to charge it seems to charge for maybe 5-10 minutes and the charger light goes out is that normal?

    Other than that I luv 'em
    Never gonna know if you never even try

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    So, are they working? Even with a light charge they can work. You just have to give them a try. Are they the 503'S? THE BIG ONE? I have one of those, I keep it for wet shaving, it's a bit big and heavy, but I keep it for that.

    Mine only takes about 20 minutes to charge, you just have to make sure the switches are in the correct direction for the kind of unit you have. I'm not sure how long it takes to run down, probably an hour or so, but I seldom have ever run it that long with out charging it.


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      I push the battery pack in making sure all switches are in the right positions. The light goes on and then 5-10 minutes later the light goes off.

      I run them down to dead before I put them on the charger.
      Never gonna know if you never even try


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        Since the unit was on the shelve so long the batteries could be bad and not charging fully. I would contact Laube and explain the situation and see what they would do for you. Otherwise you will have a bad experience with this clipper because the batteries won't last like they should.

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