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back up information for 123 pet?

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  • back up information for 123 pet?

    Do those of you who use 123 pet or other software, still use client history cards or do something else in case your computer crashes?

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    I use the pet123 and also my client can back up your 123 to a disk (I was told) but not sure how to do that. What if my laptop gets stolen? what if the shop catches on fire?? my laptop goes where I go, my files stay at the shop, but I do need to get a lock cabinet to keep them in...hmmm new employees coming in 2 weeks...whole new crew...


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      I have them fill out a card when they come in the first time. That way I have a hard copy of their signature that says, in event of emergeny, I authorize xx to obtain veternary care for my animal." I write down the first groom on the back of the card and then enter it in the computer. I put a pink dot on the top right side of the card to show that it's entered in the computer and then file it away. I make up my own client cards now and print them out on card stock. It has the basic info but is in the order that 123 pet asks for it.


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        learn to back up a disc and do it every 3 or 4 days, easy and invaluable. Also you can also get a "stick" from Best Buy or the other similiar stores and back your computer up and keep it on your key chain.