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  • Clipper vac question

    I am wondering if anyone else has this problem as I do. It never fails that the colder months means that people want more hair left on their dogs. So what normally would be a 3/4 or #3F blade in reverse with the CV means I need to go to a comb attachment, like a B, C, or D.

    But when I use the combs- even in reverse, I find track marks, which are very difficult to get rid of. I try going exactly in reverse of the hair growth. so if the hair grows towards the floor, I clip in reverse going up the side. I am always careful to make sure I am going exactly opposite of the hair. Does that make sense?

    So how do you get rid of the track marks? I can never get a beautiful trim on little dogs when longer combs are used. I go over them 3 or 4 times and then I end up spending so much time trying to use my thinners to correct the track marks. Is that all I can do?

    There's gotta be some secret that I don't know about.