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CV on cats?

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  • CV on cats?

    I am grooming 3 cats next week. I have done them before, but it's been a long time since they were shaved down. These are the only cats I actually groom and I am taking an assistant with me.

    I am wondering if it's unsafe to use a clipper vacuum system while trimming down a cat. Also, if it is ok, what blade is the closest I could use?

    I was thinking a 7F. The last time I did shave them down it was with a #10. I expect them to be a little matted, but not too bad. I have brushed them out several times in the past year.

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    I will use the HV on some of my cats, but not all of them. If these cats have a good healthy thick skin that is tight, go for it. Just keep the regulator open and use a 10 on the belly, pitts, butt. If it is a kitty w/thin, flappy skin then I don't chance the HV and do it the old way. BTW, I also let my kitty's listen to the HV for a few seconds before I actually run it down them. IF they flip then off it goes.
    SheilaB from SC


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      I wont groom a cat without it, if I can help it. It is SOOOO nice to use on kitties. If kitty has thin skin, use the lowest amount of suction and ONLY use a #10 or #15 with the grain, especially in the belly/pits area.

      I don't like grooming kitties without it because I feel like I have glue on my nostrils and the hair sticks to

      Tammy in Utah
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        I use the cv with a #10. I also hv if the cat tolerates it.