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I didn't want to give her back ....

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  • I didn't want to give her back ....

    to the thoughtless, son-of-a-biscuit owner!

    I really wish I had a picture I could post, but they are in my phone and don't know how to get them on my 'puter.

    All week long we have been doing "makeover" dogs. I guess it's that time of year again and I always get so depressed and irritated by how these dogs are taken care of (or should I say NOT taken care of), but todays dog was the straw that broke the camels back!

    Last JULY we did two standard pups (5 months old and their first groom) and today one of them came in to be groomed. Needless to say, 8 months of hair growth = a terrible MESS.
    This poor girl was supposed to be white but was a camel color, with sticks, wood shavings, pine needles, ticks, yadda, yadda, stuck in her cast of mats. The only part of her that was not matted was her TK. When the owner made the appointment she said she wanted to leave like 2" all over (which I figured was going to be impossible) but figured I'd go over all that with her when she brought the dog in.
    I went over my plan of attack this morning with the owner and told her there was absolutely NO WAY that she was going to get what she wanted and that I would need to shave her. So she agreed and said to do what I felt was best. The husband tried to explain away the reason that this dog was in this condition because "she is a hunting dog" and "she loves being outside" (they keep her (and her brother) in a "lot" in the back yard. I did the best I could at being diplomatic and the subject of the black male came up and they indicated they "thought" he had killed one of the newborn goats on their farm, so one of their friends is "keeping" it for them til they decide what they are going to do (?) I let them know that since the wife's health was bad (another reason the dog was in such bad shape), if they needed to place these dogs, to let me know. Hopefully they will be receptive to placing them with me.
    Any way, I wet clipped her with a 7 (tried a 5, but there was no way) and 10'd her feet and face. She was the prettiest white and I was able to save her TK and I fringed her ears. She was so very patient and did a great job for her 2nd (ever) groom. Heck, I have regular's that are FAR worse. I totally fell in love with this girl and it was all I could do to hand that man the leash. My boss collared her up for me and later told me that when she got the collar and leash (to put it on her) that the dog went the other way and avoided being collared.
    She looked great (if I must say so) and all I could picture in my head, as I finished up, was the owners taking her home and sticking her back in that "lot" in the backyard (it's 40 degrees and raining here today).

    OH WELL, guess I can't control how people treat these poor defenseless animals.

    Sorry for the long rant, just had to get it out.

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    pix fix

    that is sad, and we've all been there. I'll never forget Coco, the shih tzu. She also was kept outside, once a year dog. I swear she was grateful for what we did for her. Her owners, the richest people in town, drivin around in their hummer, could only say... oh she looks great~ too bad she has to go outside again... Im thinkin yeah, see ya next year b@@@h. anyway, as for the pics, text them to your e-mail and save to your puter...


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      Reminds me of a yorkie I do. Wealthy people with a nice big house. They bring in the little 6-7 lb yorkie totally matted. Funny, she was very clean but just matted. I guess they have time to bathe her just not brush her. They say "she's really a mess but it's ok if you need to charge us more to get her brushed out". Some people just don't get that it's not just about money. I'm not going to torture their dog just because they can afford it. I ended up stripping her with a #4. Anyway, they say she was so matted because they have to stake her out in the yard all day. And they complain that she barks all day. OMG...I'd bark all day if I was tied to a stake. My daughter went to their daughters birthday party a couple weeks ago. They rented a large tent and had a party in the yard. I asked my daughter if she saw the yorkie and she said she didn't. I imagine it was locked in a closet somewhere. GRRRRR! I fantasize about sneaking over to their house and kidnapping that sweet little girl and leaving her on the doorstep of another yorkie client that actually takes good care of their little girl. Oh, and she had an appointment for grooming this past Thursday (6 weeks since I stripped her) but the owner called and rescheduled it for two weeks later. I guess she wasn't quite matted enough yet.


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        Originally posted by PnC_GA View Post
        anyway, as for the pics, text them to your e-mail and save to your puter...

        Thanks for the info, I'm cell phone challenged.

        Here's the poor quality pictures.
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          You did such a great job! She even looks like she is saying "Look at me, ain't I pretty?!"

          It is really hard to give such nice dogs back to such terrible owners. Maybe you'll be lucky and they will notify you and placing these two. That would be just wonderful.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            She is so cute with her new do. She deserves better people.
            Never gonna know if you never even try


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              Thanks y'all.

              I've thought about her alot today, she just is stuck in my mind.

              She really did prance around after her grooming as if she knew that she looked pretty.


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                WOW you did good; you turned that Old English Sheepdog into a lovely poodle!!!!

                GOOD job. I'm sure the dog feels better. Some people just shouldn't own dogs.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  Nice job! Gladf i could help with the pics!