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    I have been looking in to getting a clipper vac. I would like to know if they are really that great does anyone use one. Do they really cut down on scissor time? I would love any info you can provide it’s a pretty big investment.


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    Clipping without the clipper vac is like ... using the Metro Commander instead of the K9II or Master Blaster to dry a dog. IT just makes a HUGE difference to me.

    I like how the hair comes to me, rather than me trying to get into all those nooks and crannies to get the hair (ie: armpits). I can skim the belly with a #10, even those dogs with sensitive skin, and not get too close or very close, whichever I like.

    It is awkward to get used to at first, but it is so nice not to have to deal with COCKER HAIR anymore!!! If I am thankful for anything with regards to the CV, it's NO MORE COCKER HAIR SPLINTERS and cocker hair all over me, and I can shave down a cat a HUNDRED times faster with the CV than without it.

    While I don't use it on 100% of the dogs, I use it on most. It is worth it if you ask me.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I love the CV. Can't beleive I went so long without it. Can't imagine being without now. It does take a little getting used too. Just food for thought, I also own the VacGroom. I hooked it up to a Super Deluxe Ultra Quiet Shop Vac from Sears for about $75.00 the VacGroom was about $40. Much cheaper than the CV and not too much of a difference. We use it as our back up when the CV is being used. We just go a blade longer than we would use on the CV. When you use the CV, you may want to go at least one blade longer than you would without it. Hope this helps.


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        Why not try the iVAc clipper with a shop vac to cut down the initial cost then if you like it you can get the clipper vac later. Doing this way will save you about $300 or more. I really like the clipper vac, although the clipper hand piece Hanvey makes looks like it is better because of it's design. It is lighter weight and it claims to not get clogged like the romani but I don't know I have only tried the Romani, and it did get cloged.


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          I highly recommend getting Laube's iVac clipper. Like mentioned above, you can hook it up to a shop vac (or any other vacuum system) if you want to save money.


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            I used the actual clipper vac at the shop I am at, and I use a shop vac and the vacgroom attachment at my shop. To me there is no difference. The only thing with the vac groom is that you can't adjust the suction, but to me it doesn't matter because I've always used the high suction. I put my shop vac in a closet and drilled a hole in the wall to run the vacgroom hose and the power cord to the shop vac. I got this little switch thing at walmart for 6$ and I can plug the shop vac plug into it and just flip the switch to turn it on and off with out having to run in the other room. THe shop vac was 70$ and I got the 2yr warranty for 10$ from sears, and the vac groom was 45$. Definatly worth it in my opinion


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              where do you get the vac groom? I haven't seen that anywhere?


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                I agree with the others. You can get the attachments for your clippers and a hose pretty cheap from Romani's and then hook it up to a shop vac. When my clipper vac quits that is what I do and it works about the same. That would be a cheap option for you to get used to it.

                PS..... I don't know how anyone grooms without one. It makes things so much quicker, easier on you and cleaner.


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                  I have a Romani CV tote. I love it. Best investment I ever made. It does take a while to get use to it, but once you get use to it you won't want to groom without one...especially when you do Poodle feet!


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                    I think the website is


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                      i love my ivac to death comfortable lightweight and cheaper same results i cant imagine not having it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! go to or they offer great prices!!!!!