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A childrens book - "Buffy's Haircut"

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  • A childrens book - "Buffy's Haircut"

    My sons principal sent this book home to give to me. Its adorable!
    Its about this boy taking his dog to the groomer after his grandma had given her a bad haircut LOL. I was so touched she sent this home for me!

    Its by David M. Sargent Jr.

    I just thought it was cute Im gonna keep it at the salon.

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    That is so nice and so very thoughtful! Never heard of the book, it sounds cute.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I will have to look this up at Books a Million when I go next time. That is a good one to keep w/the other reading material at the shop! Thanks for the info!
      SheilaB from SC


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        That is cute - I'll have to look it up too

        I am always joking about writing a children's book using my dog as an inspiration called "The world according to Sonny" or "Sonny's world".

        The moral in the end would be about sharing, because Sonny is very everything in the world belongs to him with my cats and other dogs. Sometimes to he point of being fresh where he needs correction.

        When other animals come near his things or even things outside or things that belong to other dogs he always tries to get it first or take it away and then he'll walk up and poke the with the item and flick his head as if saying "this is mine and this is mine" and walk away with the item with a tude.