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How? single girl, starting a business

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  • How? single girl, starting a business

    How does a single girl, go about starting her own grooming business? I dont even know where to start or where to look into financing. Is business credit different then personal credit? Is it even financially smart to take out some kind of business loan and have that kind of payment on top of having a rental payment?

    I have absolutely loved working where I work but due to new policies in the hospital that just arnt compatible with running a grooming shop, it looks like I am going to have to think about doing something else. I cant imagine working in a multi groomer shop. I am to set in my ways and cant stand chaos the same time I cant imagine trying to afford health ins on my own. I feel soooo stuck.

    Would love to hear how other women have solved these problems.

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    There is the "Grooming Business in a Box", you might want to check it out. I think Stephen has most of the answers to your questions...


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      Jade, like you I am a one-woman show, lol. I like to run things my way, no particular reason other than I Just do, lol.

      I think that is a shame that after 15 years, you are being shoved out the door with some policies. Those vets are gonna be SORRRRRRY.

      Azoci is right, get Grooming Business in a Box, and I can't remember if it's included (though I dont' think it is), get From Problems to Profits. You've gained your business sense from running your own show there, you just need a little help getting started. You are a good groomer (I've seen those photos!), so that is another "problem" that you don't have to worry about,

      I have no doubt that you can not only DO this, but that you can do it WELL. For some reason, JenGroomer has always reminded me of you and vice versa, and she moved on to her own shop, seems to be doing well.

      Good luck.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Barkleigh Productions has funding for your new business.

        Dear Jadenlee,

        I am not a single women but would like to help. Do not be scared for the "Journey is the Destination" it will be an adventure for you.

        Once you have the "plan" Barkleigh has the bucks. They are the same people who run "Groom Expo" and publish "Groomer to Groomer". See if you can find an existing grooming business for sale close to you.

        Make a business plan. If the numbers are right you will be able to take home the same pay and benifits you are now getting in a very short time. Then who knows, in your own business "the skys the limit".

        Good Luck and remember "People do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan."



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          Ill send you a PM later.. wait till you hear whats happenin!


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            I can hardly stand it!

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              I've been single for 15 years and have been grooming for 28. yes you can do it. Im also a single mom. I got my first equipment buy borrowing money with my mom as a cosigner, years ago now, we used my car as collateral. I rented my space from a vet...was cheap, like 500/month including utilities. I built it from scratch...then took off on my can make a 6 figure income..just bust your butt..keep your nose to the grindstone, stay out of debt...and you will fly like an eagle! you go girl!!!!


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                Originally posted by hairdevil View Post
                you can make a 6 figure income..just bust your butt..keep your nose to the grindstone, stay out of debt...and you will fly like an eagle! you go girl!!!!
                I just had to re-emphasize the stay out of debt part. It's really easy to buy buy buy buy buy, but it's really important that you not get yourself into a mess. Grinch just opened a new shop, I bet she'd have some great advice for you, too. I think being a "single girl" would make it easier, not harder.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  thanks for the support guys.. Chuck... how does one find out about businesses in your area that might be for sale?


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                    Look on the classified on this board.

                    Dear Jadenlea,

                    Get a copy of Pet product News, Pet Business, Pet Age, Groomers To Groomer, Grooming Business or your local and next cities classified. Call vets who have room but no groomer. Pet shops, kennels and pet botiques who have room but no groomer. If you are not glued for life to your location there are some Gems out there that can only be sold to another groomer.

                    Debt is OK if it is manageable by income. They say you are not a millionaire until you owe a million. If you can pay the debt service on a million dollars then you are certainly worth that and more. Debt allows you to long term payment of investment.

                    Good Luck and Godspeed!



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                      Jadenlea - I am in CT but taking a small business class through Hartford College, it is the same idea as Grooming in a box, except it's main focus isn't on the grooming business.

                      Maybe your area has the same kind of thing, it is through the small business administration and they have also given us links to sites for helping you to find your location and doing the research you need, writing business plans and financing.

                      Then I will be hooked up with cpa's, attorneys and business counselors who operate at low cost. The information and sites I have are only good for CT otherwise I'd share them with you.

                      Maybe they could also recommend a way to resolve your insurane dilema too. I believe you can also get some free info. from the sba without taking any courses. I can say though it is the fact that my husband has a steady income giving me that extra push to follow through.

                      Lori - CT


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                        THERE IS ONLY 2 KINDS OF "GOOD" DEBT, A STUDENT LOAN, AND A MORTGAGE. UNLESS YOU'RE BUYING YOUR BUILDING FOR YOU BUSINESS. Save, buy little at a time, when you decide to open, have all your equipment on hand..debt free. you will be glad of it when its slow! And be sure you have enough in savings to float you at least 6 months!