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    Question for everyone! Do those "aromatherapy" shampoos really work? I get some dogs that are not bad at all but when is time to dry them they can get a little upset and takes longer to finish, since we are mobile time really matters. is there anything to calm dogs(legal)? I'll hate to spend money on shampoos or other stuff that really don't work thanks.

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    Honestly, I don't know if I've seen a difference by using the aromatherapy shampoos as far as behavior goes. They don't act like a sedative in any way as far as I can see. I use the Davis line and absolutely love the smell of them, so they are good for me and clean well. They make the bathing a better experience for me...and I love the colognes.

    How about the plug ins that they make? That may work well in a van.
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      Show Seasons has a line of Aroma Therapy oils and a diffuser you can buy to plug in.... The Scented Groomer is the name....